My approach towards twitter optimization



1. Start updating what you are doing (assignments, works, travel and so on) at the initial stage.

2. Follow people not of your interest. A trick is here. Suppose you are likely to optimize a financial (Mortgage) website. Then what will be the targeted audience?  Almost everyone excepting the mortgage site owners, as they are in the same process. So follow people indirectly related to the subject Mortgage. Like, Home owners, insurance agent, travel people, mortgage brokers, institutions and so on.

3. Develop viral marketing. How? Through producing some unique articles depending on the key phrases out of the web logs, as demand could be analysis through the log.

4. Share stories from Dig, News sites, Yahoo and of course local news results targeting local search.

5. Keep a catchy small bio with your website.

6. Interact with the community to become visible at the other part.

7. Use # for the possible search result.

8. Keep on following the possible renowned persons.



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