Karmayoga is bolder than Gyanyoga



Twitter is probably outpacing Facebook.

The usability structure, the simple promotional and sharing architecture in terms of ‘What you are doing’ is leaving stronger appeal to the social media generation. Though the structure of Facebook is different as the user would have the opportunity in sharing various forms of contents. In twitter, the url sharing process exercising every expression. Content based products and then sharing, to me it stands much easier to communicate with the help of a tiny write up and associated url to draw attention of the targeted audience towards your product or services. Viral buzz and promotion both are possible in a single effort. If we are believed to live in impatience age, then talk less and work more is the mantra. That’s why, url and associated so called killer article sharing is likely to assist you in building the exact network and draw the traffic and of course image brand building.

To be specific, stressing on the term, What you are Doing, Twitter indeed made things more simple. If we understand the Facebook theme as Gyanjog, ‘What is in your mind’, Twitter could be termed as ‘Karmoyog’ (There are four Yogas: Rajyoga, Gyanyog, Bhaktiyog and Karmoyoga; among all the Karmayog is the most effective way in finding success towards your goal). We all know, Karmayog is bolder than Gyanyog .


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