Mobile Technology in dire need ??

Last time I had made a post on mobile technology that whether remote admin facility could be installed and transfer of battery charges from one handset to another irrespective of all the networks and the mobile service operators.

Here is the link:

Now, is there any technology or could we able to develop such a technology that some recharge value or talk-time could be transferred from one cell phone to another in case of emergencies through cell phone to cell phone directly or through the service provider, I mean through the call center executives.

The idea strike me, when one of my friend send me a message mentioning to recharge a top up value of Rs.30 to a cell no at 10.30 pm at night. It was not possible for me to do that as shops were already closed. I do use a tataindicom no. and the no. he had requested to recharge was an airtel no. So in case of emergencies, once the technology is available, one user can dispatch some currency value of recharge to another user’s mobile on the basis of a small sms request. Its like having one ATM card using all bank’s ATM at free of cost.

May be some progress is going on, I don’t know. I came across with the idea and tried to share with you all. Loopholes might be there, but personally I think this technology will boost the business process to the technology holder and the employment opportunities.


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