Searchonomics and scope of research

Sometimes I wonder with the volume of searches through out the world and the business turnover at the same time. The local economics became global in these days and no metropolitan or cosmopolitan is indispensable to market the goods and services with the help of internet technologies. As a follower of Economics, I had proposed this issue to IGIDR (Indira Gandhi Institute of Development and Research, Mumbai) to shed some research light on this hot cake 🙂  May be the process is going on OR might be kept in the dark chamber following the usual Indian tradition of not being a mainstream theory. So many agencies are doing online marketing, SEO, PPC etc. But so far my understanding is concerned, agencies must have some R&D wing to have a view of the trends. I had an opportunity to work with Grmtech, where some research works were done through brainstorming sessions and ideas used to emerge through the routine.

Foreign universities like Stanford have done lots of progress in this regard (Web usability, search psychology, Click frauds, eye tracking techniques and lots more). In a sense Internet has became a parallel economy as opposed to the mainstream one where one can sell his knowledge, intellect, ideas. This thing I guess we are lacking or there might not be enough scope to work with the existing infrastructure.

I would like to show a bit of courage to be a futuristic web strategist 🙂 ha ha ha…..

Web 1.0: Read only – dotcom boom in late 90’s
Web 2.0 : Read and Write
Web 3.0 : Read, Write and Share (Semantic web)
Web 4.0 : Gather and generate information or ideas
Web 5.0 : Invention at a personal level
Web 6.0: Invention or technological driven economic growth, a more vibrant parallel economy. May be a point of inflexion (Convex to concave)
Web 7.0 : Start of business cycle and web inflation
Web 8.0 : Get rid off internet, a replacing technology

What else, please share.


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