My journey ends with Shriraminsight

Today is my last day in Shriram Insight. I am moving towards an uncertain journey leaving behind lots of bright memories around the company and its workers. Special thanks must be given to Mr. AK Singh, Mr. Partha Hazra and to all the members of the research department who have gave me the precious opportunity to work with the company and have assisted and helped me in gathering the relevant information from time to time and in writing reports. This was my first exposure to the Indian financial system and the stock market as a whole. I learned a lot here. Hope this knowledge would have some use in future.

I would like to take on some new venture, new initiatives or again a mere job…don’t know. But for the moment, need some long break may be in terms of a small tour. Even I  would engage myself in business, then also I will share my experiences with all my visitors regularly.

Sekhar Saha.


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