1st December: World HIV/AIDS day

Today world is celebrating as HIV/AIDS day. I had some experience to work with the people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) in the starting of the professional career as a Social Worker. My job was to sensitize people and to spread the awareness regarding the deadly disease through awareness camps. This particular issue of public health should be addressed through the mass awareness and the things are moved so far here in India are quite significant. The concept of Buladi was a great success here in the state of West Bengal.

HIV symbol

HIV symbol



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2 responses to “1st December: World HIV/AIDS day

  1. Amita

    The HIV/AIDS crisis in India continues to shatter so many lives — young women widowed and deserted, thousands of children have been orphaned and entire families shunned because of the stigma of this deadly disease.

    Luckily, there are NGOs (and people like you who work with them) that extend a hand of support to these people in their time of need by providing shelter, food and medical care. Many of these NGOs can be found on GiveIndia, an online donation portal that connects donors with causes they care about.

    Visit our special AIDS Day page here

    www(dot)giveindia(dot)org/t-world-aids-day(dot)aspx (edited)

  2. Sekhar Saha

    Welcome Amita 🙂

    You are right in expressing the views in your first para and believe me I have seen the agony and pain of the PLWHAs. Moreover, the things become more critical with the thaelesamia patients who got infected through blood transfusion. So awareness is required at the very grassroots level. You people are doing great job in raising the funds for the needy.

    best luck to your effort

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