Google 10th 100 project and my idea

Submission period is over and selection might have started in the mean time towards the call for ideas in Google 10 th 100 project which is inclined to increase the well being for as many people as possible worldwide.

My submitted Idea: A website will be built to share the pain and sufferings, local problems, social issues and many more through contents, images, videos, cartoons and of course through photographs in an effort to channelize the funds to streamline the problem through local CBOs (Community based organization) and NGOs (Non governmental organizations).

The website will serve as a platform for the community based or non-governmental groups in submitting the project proposals mentioning the issues and of course with the outline for the streamlining of the problem. As funds will be limited and streamlining is quite necessary in that constraint. On the other hand, the funding agencies or in other words the corporations with some social obligations will have the view in parity with their values and views whether to fund the project or not.

Lots of problem could be solved in this way throughout the world:

  1. Public health

  2. Divorce cases

  3. Education

  4. Homelessness

  5. Eye bank issue

  6. Blood bank issue

  7. Girl trafficking

  8. Job opportunities

  9. RCH

  10. Global environment

  11. Handicraft development and women empowerment

  12. Drug addiction and many more.


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