Survival strategy for Indian Online Agencies

As US economy is taking toll to the global financial and economic development, Indian SEO and online agencies would experience a hard time in getting new orders and contracts from overseas. Consecutive falls and bailouts of the big investment baking firms and the insurance companies, credit crunch is inevitable and world is in fact facing the hard truth. US and European slowdown is vulnerable for the Indian SEO companies as these continents are facing recession. The true meaning and at the same time the advantages of business risk hedging could be understood by the agencies at this hard time. So what should the agencies do to run the company and to recover at least the current costs?

Here I have some viewpoints to go with.

1. Increase the quality and time-frame of the overseas work. A good reputation is what needed at this time.
2. Look for the domestic market. We are not yet in the grip of slowdown. So domestic market would likely to provide the space for extra remuneration. At the same time start PPC model as small Indian enterprises have lesser time and long run views.
3. Try to take the orders from FMCG, PHARMA and Confectioners as they are less affected here in India.
4. Develop own websites or give more time to the existing income generating in house sites.
5. If possible, form an offline marketing team to get orders from local business areas. Yes, you have to convince the businesses as awareness is  not there to the extent of US.


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