Who can break the monopoly?

So far the TITAN is the only ruling company in the branded wrist watch segment in India after HMT.  No other company have that much of market share at present. However, some companies like Sakura, Planet Watches (p) Ltd., KM International etc have tried to do some good business but they perhaps failed to increase the share. Moreover, the foreign branded company made watches are so high in the price level in comparison to the Titan made watches, that common people don’t have the access to those brands. And thats why Titan remain the no. 1.

The monopoly should be broken and so far my feelings are concerned, there is no competition as such in the lower type of branded wrist watches. With the rise in the income level, the expenditure level has also increased and India has became the expenditure driven economy.

Online selling method could be one of the method in building the brands. Most of the above companies next to Titan and HMT, don’t have their own website even. They can think of that. Foreign companies might have though this fact and waiting for a big jump towards the popularize watch market. We need more competition breaking the monopoly of Titan Industries so that better quality and service we can receive.


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