Data, direct from the Brain for Local Search

Like eye-tracker data, neuro imaging research could help the usability analysts in finding the ways to what extent the degrees of webpage variability would differ from one user to another. The state of mind varies between age, culture, sex, and lifestyle. Moreover, man could bring down the controlling power of his own brain by way of meditation. Several pockets of the brain reflects different outcomes as some parts are responsible for vision whereas some are for speech. Yes, brain thinking certainly reflects through the eye movement pattern. But that is not sufficient to take a total control over the user. Change of places and thus environmental treatment remains unuttered through the content tracking only.

Proposition: Neuro Imaging data can help in Local serach procedure

Parameters: Environmental hazards, Living conditions, PCI of a locality, variation of age group, biological conditions.

Prevelance of older group could hamper the generality of the outcome as they have more control of their brain. One has take care of these kind of variations.

Data Collection: Web data, Hospital data.

Then webpage/sites will be more smart in catering the proper object to the individuals. Search engines can take initiative to run some research works.


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