What time-series data tells?

Since inception of the search engines, lots of companies have gained and lost (during the dot com boom) via their websites. In addition, online behavior has evolved around the search algorithm. People as well as companies are now aware of the fact of search marketing and online advertisement. But the proposition is that, if we can analyse the search data over a period say 10 years (1997 – 2007) on particular segments say, FMCG, Financial Services, Jewelry (precious metals), Hotel, Apprals etc, how the things have changed over the aforesaid period in terms of pricing, taste changes, structural shifts from comparatively inferior to superior products with the rise of income, emergence of new industries and so on. Cross sectional data will be an important role to play in this regard.

Once we have the data and the conclusion, time series theory can assist us in building model towards future trend and accordingly web statisticians and the strategist can fix the website portfolios and architectures. Behavioral evolution of human being could help in addresseing newer paths rather business in web media.


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