BillBoard Usability

lots of messages

Billboards are one of the crucial and effective ways for building brand and marketing and to create buzz among the prospective customers. But while going through some of the Billboard for the upcoming companies, it seems to me quite haphazard in arranging the subjects and thus conveying the proper message. There do exist certainly some sort of science behind placing the contents and images. The typical Indian mentality is that, everything should be included in the front page, whether be it website or Billboard, doesn’t matter.
Yes, there is a trade-off as to what extent we could include our messages, as spaces as well as the cost factor are a constraint here.
1. Image or Content
2. Contact Address (Phone, Web, email, head office, branch office etc.)
3. Target Audience thus choosing the area
4. Company name and the punch line

Billboards are like the business cards in front of Public. So careful projection is needed while preparing the concepts of those banners. 


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