Forget Onpage, start Copywriting

Using copy-writing techniques in web pages or in websites in the broader sense is a step forward towards the Online Brand Building. Instead of using the meta tags and titles, one could go for the copy-writing concepts with the help of the content writers in websites. The era of On-page optimisation procedure perhaps at its end. Newer methodologies in terms of Unique title tag are taking place that of On-page.

Some examples:
VIDEOCON: A Electronics manufacturer.

Tag or Punchline: Bring Home the Leader. (Nothing to do with Electronics)
BRITTANNIA: Eat healthy, think better.
NOKIA: Connecting People
ADIDAS: Impossible is Nothing and so on…

Search algorithm is perhaps moving on that way. Of course you need to think in longer term viewpoint as the search marketing specially the organic SEO is a kind of marathon race. And at present in this highly competitive world, this technique could have a handy one though it assumes some short term risks and lower ROI as well. After all, you have to win in the long run and Brand Building will be one of the most focused theme of an web-site.


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