Focus of web content has shifted

While analysing the web contents in the present world, one could easily arrived on the basis of careful observation that, the web contents are being shifted to one medium to the other. So far, we had contents, images, keywords and vanilla type seo techniques. But from the last 1 year or so, a radical change has been made towards web media especially on the contents.

Now we mean by the contents are, Videos, Audios, maps, gadgets, user friendly tools, charts, logos, blogs, Images, Ideas and all SHOULD BE IN CONTEXTUAL AND MEANINGFUL PRESENTATIONS. Though on-page and off-page optimisation techniques are old-is-gold, yet I would prefer to build a website for a meaningful and user freindly one. The new types of contents could be extended and used in different ways.

For example, take audio. Webmasters can build the brand though unique web music. Like TITAN, BRITTANIA, OLD SPICE etc. In offline they have their own brand through the music. And the things have reached to an extent that once you heard the song, you could easily speak out the name of the brand.

In this way, web media could be further be extended to touch and try theory. Web products so far have the limitations in terms of intangibility (though the security and guaranted tags are there always). The problem is more serious in developing countries say India. People like to surf and check out the products online, But when it is the time to buy, most of them prefers the offline route may be because of that problem. But the no. of online buyers are rising with the passage of time. So could we make the things happen with the help of technologies or mediums that people can have an online exposure also? At least they can view how to use a product say Digicam in video route or in other?


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