Usability according to niche audience

Global search has become narrow and specially brand specific in the upper tier cities. So web page usability should be prepared keeping in mind of a particular type of audiences and so customers whatever be the theme of your website. For branded apparels, you can consider a range of age for whom your products will suit best. For Pharmaceutical products, decide what is your target group, company or direct customers. For financial products, target group will be the investors or planning to invest.

Gone are the days, when websites were use to design with only objective to convert the traffic into customers whatever the age, region or sex may be. Contents certainly had a role to play in targetting the chunk of visitors.

But if you are inclined to market your brand, premium products, contents once again will play the crucial role but in a different way. In that case, the website visibility would attract the specific audience. Online brand building would be another objective at the same time to retain the traffic and increase the visitors loyalty. Yes, online research is needed indeed on keywords, contents, topic related web products etc.

Now what are the challenges that designers and web experts may face in doing that kind of sensitive and a bit risky job? Any suggestions!


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