Update your strategy for Universal Search

Lots of web pages have been devoted towards the discussion of Google Universal Search. So I am not so eager to bore you people with that. Rather I am more interested in discussing few strategies as to how the web pages could be benefited with the upcoming search algo.

Be it a Blog or Website or a webpage, my bet is on unique contents as well as ideas. Put your contents with relevant images. But the images should not be the downloaded one or copy-pasted. Rather work must be based on the manner like what advertisement agencies usually do, to create and reflect the mass of the contents and the message in a different way. I am not asking you guys to work on the images to that extent. But creativity has no substitute. Sit with your designer, do some brainstorming session and try to generate quality images reflecting the proper message of the contents.

A tough and lengthy job indeed. As online competition is on the rise, agencies and corporates have to devote their resources in unique processes so that you could catch the SERP quickly. The process what has been described above could fetch the expected clicks through contents as well as images. And one can extend the result to videos, photos, music (audio in fact) etc.


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