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We all write several topics in our own blog. In personal blogs, we have almost n no. of topics starting from personal, social to global politics. But when it comes to business, we have to choose a specific topic for the blog, as the optimisation, pr, branding, marketing, product development to bridge the gap between supply and demand, all are associated to those blogs. Whether be it a corporate blog or seo blog, we generally start with some specific topic and then move on to expanding the ideas and views on that particular issue.

I have also started this particular blog with the same fashion. Lots of haphazard topics covering so many aspects. But the focus mainly was on web technologies, management and to share the raw experiences with the kind of work I do. In doing so, I have came across different experiences with the blogging, keyword research and usability. I have never tried to optimise this blog, though the number daily visitors are increasing day by day. The average no. you can say 80 to 90 each day.

Among all the topics, the NCFM and capital market related topics are receiving the maximum no. of hits and comments also. And analysing the log file I have found most of the keywords are NCFM exams related. In fact most of the queries need a guidance towards the exam. As stock market operations and the financial market in India is booming…flourishing industry. In fact some guide is needed to the NCFM exam aspirants. I am trying to guide them to my level best.

So what I am going to say! Log file analytics can help you a lot in choosing you the list of keywords and to make the blog in that particular topic specific so that the optimisation and other related issues could become easier for you. And that is more important in the present brand specific, narrow search world.


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