Building Brand Online

Search marketers and the SEO professionals desperately seeks to sell their products and services through the online media. The websites owners try to build a brand in every single moment through the Logos, Domain name, Web usability, Contents and through so many other factors as well. But the bottom line is that we all seek the help of major search engines in the primary level to get in touch with the digital visitors and customers. Perhaps we all remain satisfied once we get a good business and the dependency on the search engines continues as business grows. Very few of us put stress on the web usability factors and thus on the Online Brand Building in turn.

Just think of these sites; what do we do in general? do we type directly in the browser or we search for these sites in engines? Take a look.

Most of us type the address directly to the browser. That means, the sites are above the search engines. They have beat the engines with the quality information, simplicity, usability, contents and all the sites belong to the open source community. The wisdom of crowd made it possible to build their brand.

I guess there is no tips or no straight forward ways as to how one can build a brand of her own website. My bet is on research and trial and error methodologies. In addition, unique idea has no substitute and the people/developers related to the website are responsible for the unique idea generation or what is the same thing as product development. You need to gauge the visitors psychology and analyze the demand and deliver the product accordingly. Word of mouth will do the rest. Try to find out the ways or the sectors through which you can hit directly to the visitors brain and make a loop where usability would become simpler.

My suggestion is always think big…. in a worldwide scenario so that your website could be the number one in the related segment, be it finance, travel, hotel or a technology.


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