Growing Online Marketing – The Indian Case

Online Marketing, web 2.0, website optimization have become the buzzwords in these days. Though the internet penetration level is low, it is growing at a rapid pace in India. Newer and newer website Optimization companies are emerging and at the same time the existing companies are desperate to expand their business and the client base. Most of them are from overseas as we know very well. The US and European consumers are more interested to hang on the internet for resolving their queries and also for buying goods and services.

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But here in India the case is a bit different so long as the consumers psychology is concerned. Lots of companies on the one hand are still thinking to implement the WEB 2.0 or to take the advantage of the Online marketing (PPC, CPC, Organic etc), some companies have already invested money to this process along with the offline marketing and brand building on the other. It will take more time for the internet technologies as well as marketing to spread the wings at its full.

Some reasons why the Indian Online market is not a child’s playground for the agencies:
1. People collects information online but Buy offline.
2. This adds more costs along with the offline marketing.
3. Search has become more narrow and brand specific – so offline comes in question.
4. Lack of awareness of the usage of credit cards (a fear you can say) also works as an impediment to the system.
5. No scope for bargaining, touch or smell the product.

The Way Ahead:
The situation is changing with the passage of time. The US$ value is depreciating in terms of the rupee as overall importance of India is increasing. The contracts are being revised, dollar income is being hedged and IT companies are eager to curtail the costs as income is declining. Now it is high time to convince the Indian biggies to invest for the online marketing and take benefit of that. The search marketing and web development firms could take a look in this aspect also.


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