Forum Management

Forum Management is an Art rather than a technological science. The attitude, behavior and idea creation are the main driving forces to create a successful Discussion board. The role of a Moderator and the Administrator is crucial here. As you have to tackle a lot of visitors, members and of course the spammers 🙂

The forum manager should know the theme of the forum and must possess an overall knowledge of that particular topic, as she has to reply to the posts in the beginning. In addition, this post reply process reduces the excessive dependency to the visitors. Also, it helps to continue the discussions even when there are no posts generated by the outside visitors.

The How to Use part is quite important to run a forum smoothly. This segment specifies to avoid abuse language, mutual respect and so on.

The Announcement part also a significant one when you announce a new forum rule, some contests, Blog etc.

The Art also to be learned as to how, you can carry on a discussion to 5 to 6 posts or more. The unfinished style of answering a query is the key here.

You might get lots of spam posts from the objectionable or promotional sites. Remove those regularly.

Also make reply as soon as possible. That will reflect Active, Promptness and quality posts will generate Word of Mouth and Viral Marketing.



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2 responses to “Forum Management

  1. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. Sekhar Saha

    You are welcome to the forum Idetrorce.

    Okay! you are telling interesting in one hand but you don’t agree with this. May I know the points of disagreements?

    Look forward for the replies.

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