Cleared NCFM Derivative Module

After the NCFM Capital Market, I have cleared the Derivative (Dealers) Module on 26th November 2007. The percentage scored is 70%. These two certificates are quite important for pursuing a career in the Indian Capital Market. The Capital market certificate has 5 years validity and the Derivative has 3 years. Now I am thinking to appear for the Mutual Fund examination (AMFI) at the end of this month.



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116 responses to “Cleared NCFM Derivative Module

  1. Saurabh Deshmukh

    I have cleared the Derivative (Dealers) Module on 23rd feb 2008. The percentage scored is 88.75%.

    • Pankaj Ahire.

      Hi , Saurabh
      Mr.Saurabh I have allready given derivatives (dealers) module exam three times but i failed.Last time i get 58.5%. so please send me some more questions about this exam.

  2. Sekhar Saha

    Wow! great to hear you. Keep it up dear 🙂

    Sekhar Saha.

    • Gourav Joshi

      I have cleared Derivative Dealers Module with 76.25% . Now what can i do.

    • Dinesh

      I am looking for some question bank of derivatives market dealers module. I am appearing for exam on 14 jan 2013. Pls send it on my email id with answers As soon as possible.

  3. saharsh

    Hi all,
    Can anybody tell me how to go about preparing for NCFM Derivatives Module?

  4. Sekhar Saha

    First try to clear the Cash/Capital market module. Have you done so? if yes, leave me a reply or mail me. I will assist you in preparing the derivative module.

    Sekhar Saha.

  5. Raimohan

    I am a beginner.Can any one suggest me from where to start for NCFM course. My ID is rmp(dot)bapu(at)

  6. Sekhar Saha

    Hi Raomohan, welcome to the blog. First you try to appear for the NCFM Capital Market module. Register yourself with NSE through online registration form. Then download the Capital market module from the nse site or try to collect it. Take your time to study the whole book and then decide when to appear for the examination. First do that and then get back to me ok! I will try to guide you at every step.

    Sekhar Saha.

    • hi sir i have cleared d ncfm capital market module so kindly request u that guide me how to register for derivative module through online thank u sir

  7. rashid

    please help me , Can anybody tell me how to go about preparing for NCFM Capital market DealerModule ?

    • Rupesh Mutha

      Dear Rashid
      My name is Rupesh Rajendra Mutha. I Passed this exam.
      Rashid if u work In share market then u can pass the exam easily but if u have no idea of share market then u want to read the book of NCFM Capital market (Dealers)
      module. then u can pass the examination.
      Best of luck!

  8. Gopalan

    please help me , Can anybody tell me how to go about preparing for NCFM Capital market DealerModule

  9. Sekhar Saha

    Please check the comments above. And also the comments of this post:

    Sekhar Saha.

  10. Abhay

    Hi,Sekhar Saha
    I have just given the capital market (dealers) module and scored 68%.I have already enrolled for derivatives market (dealers) module.I have started reading the study material.but yet not able to figure out how to study all NCFM modules in a smart way.Please give me tips as to how to go about it.

  11. Sekhar Saha

    Hi Abhay, congrats for clearing the capital market module. Try to grab a job in any stock broking house… may be as a dealer. That will enhance the understandings of the stock market operations and increase the chance to pass the remaining exams. Please read the comments above. I think that will suffice the purpose.

    Best luck 🙂
    Sekhar Saha.

    • neeraj

      i have cleared NCFM capital module with 80% and soon appear for derivatives module.please help me and if possible please mail me derivatives question bank.

  12. raju

    hi i have just cleared the capital module for dealers can anyone help me how to apply a job for this and how much salary can i expect

  13. dinesh agarwal

    i want the certificate of ncfm capital market dealer module plz send me details my phone no. 92513-59346

  14. Sekhar Saha

    Check the comments above.

    Sekhar Saha.

  15. ritu lodha

    hi!i had cleared amfi with 81% last year.i have also cleared financial mkt beginners module with 89% and capital market dealer’s module with 75%.i am a mutual fund faulty in icfai for the bfi section.what can i do further after clearing capital market?what kind of part time job is suitable for me?

  16. Sekhar Saha

    Great, so Ritu you are a financial teacher.

    You can pursue the course of certified financial planner from Mumbai… it is distant study. Once you clear that, you will be able to advice people on behalf of some financial company on financial budgeting and advisory.

  17. Amitesh

    Shekhar jee,
    Kindly tell me what type of opportunities i got from which certificate. I just started reading the beginners module. I am a trader also. I invest a sum in equity market. Give me some Idea of Job in this sector.

  18. Sekhar Saha

    If you clear the Capital and derivative market modules then as a dealer you will be in comfortable position as the dealer must possess those certificates. Clear the two papers above and try for the dealer position.

    Sekhar Saha.

  19. Hello Sekhar Saha
    i had don NCFM capital market with 87% now i want Derivetive can you tell me some more Model Quetion other then side

  20. ritu lodha

    hi!i cleared derivatives module yesterday with 95.5%…i just wanted to know if any classes are run where i can teach these ncfm subjects in surat…does nse itself provide with some coaching …if yes then where…i’m interested in taking classes as i can’t do a full time job…kindly reply.

    • Namitha

      Hi ritu.. I have to write my derivatives module. so can u pls help me on how to clear it. Cos i hav given a previous attempt n failed. please help me asap. my exam falls by this week

  21. Rahul

    well i am interested in arbitraging and someone told me to register for the ncfm derivative exam which i did 3 months back . but now i have no idea how to go about it . being a science student i have no knowledge whatsoever in commerce and am finding it hard to crack the exam . would really appreciate if anyone can help . thanks and regards rahul .

  22. Alekh Gadekar

    Hi Ritu,
    Congrats for getting 95.5% in derivatives..I am a beginner in this field and would like to appear or derivatves module…would u please guide me for the same…Could u pls tell me how u prpared for the same…

  23. Naveen

    Hello Mr. Sekhar Saha
    Please help me
    I am planning for giving the all modules of NCAFM exam. I would like to know what is the growth in career & job oppurtunities after doing this. Also the starting pay scale after doing this. Also I do have some knowledge of share market and experience too.
    Thanks in advance for helping me

  24. hemal

    hi i m new user in this blog as i got this as visiting n searching other websites for a job… so i m also explaining my self .. this s hemal rana frm gujrat .. NCFM Derivatives cleared wd 78.25 % and also cleared BCFM Securities Market module wd 56 % . so i m searching a new job as a dealer …. so pls suggest me … thnx 4 co-operation.

  25. Sekhar Saha

    Congratulation Hemal 🙂
    It will be difficult to get a breakthrough in the brokerage firm as a fresher for the dealing kind of jobs as the industry is passing through a tough phase. Marketing might be a option still open.

    best luck 🙂

  26. hello mr shekhar i hav cleared my derivative capital mkt and beginners module and can u plz tell me watz the best use of it .can i giv it on lease .how much can i get monthly?/?

  27. I have also cleared NCFM Derrivetive, Capital Market(dealers) module, Commodity market. Please tell me any job in share market.

  28. shiva reddy

    i After the NCFM Capital Market, I have cleared the Der78%. These two certificates are quite important for pursuing a career in the Indian Capital Market. The Capital market certificate has 5 years validity and the Derivative has 3 years. Now I am thinking to appear for the Mutual Fund examination (AMFI) at the end of this month.

  29. Sheetal Paradkar

    I am appearing for Capital Market exam,wants to know mock test links apart from NCFM.

  30. Pronoy Sarkar

    hi this is pronoy….i had completed my capital market and beginners module in class 12 only as per new subject launched in our school That Is FFM. in need some tips of derivative market. I am not able to complete derivative market.

  31. priya mukherjee

    Hi all, I am currently doing BBA(2nd year) and I want to ask, what is the eligibility criteria to take NCFM modules, and which are the modules I should go for?

  32. Varun

    Hi Sekhar,
    i’ve cleared NCFM capital and Derivative module scoring 64.25 / 62.5 in the respective module. will my less mark, make any impact on my job oppurtunities. also now i’m planning to appear for commodities market this month. but the problem arise is where to find the study material for the same.
    pls help me. help will be highly appreciated.

  33. dear sir/mam,

    I scored 78% on derivetives module. anything special for that

  34. sudip banik

    hi sekher i passed ncfm capital market with 60% marks and derivative market with 70.75% but i am not getting job as i am freasher. i also offered to works as a rimiser . i have no security deposit money also no experience . i am not interested to rent my certificates so what should i do at now ? plz. give me advice with feedback

  35. sudip banik

    plz. i passed capital market and derivative market dealers modules . i wish job but have not and as a rimiser ia am not interested plz. give me advice

  36. merin

    hi i have just cleared the dervatives module . can anyone help me how to apply a job for this . i just passed 12th examination now

  37. Varun

    Hey Sekhar , I am a Mathematics graduate planning to pursue MBA . I have a couple of months off and i was advised to do a few modules . Is it worth clearing a few modules ? How difficult/easy are they and how long does each take ?

    • Sekhar Saha

      Those are easy. But why would you take those exams as an MBA would suffice the knowledge and job purpose. Dealers are mainly required those exams. But if you wish you could clear some of those.

  38. Mukul Chawla

    Hi Shekhar, I just appeared for the beginners module and secured 90%.Now I would be appearing for capital market and Derivatives module.What are the future opportunities after giving these two modules and what after giving the Depository operations module?

    Plz reply.

    • Sekhar Saha

      Capital market and the derivative is important for the dealers job in the broking house and also in some of the KPOs. So far the DP module is concerned, brokers do use that certificate and some banks do require that as well.

  39. Varun

    Actually i have a few months to go before my MBA entrance exams . 2-3 months to be precise . So i need to do something . I would not particularly want to work . So would you advise me to get some of the papers done ?


  41. SAKEEL A S

    plz. i passed derivative market dealers module with 73.25% . i wish a job but have not and as a rimiser i am not interested plz. give me advice.

  42. saurabh sanyal


  43. siddhartha bhattacharjee

    i have completed the ncfm capital market module and i want to give the exam of capital market derivative module but i am unable to get the question bank of this module, pls help me out and give more idea how to get question bank of derivative module

  44. Manuj Chhabra

    hello frnz,
    i m pgdm marketing graduate ,cleared beginners module with 97%,will be appearing for capital mkt and derivatives shortly.can anyone tell me if there is any job where i can use my mktg as well as financial knowledge ,

  45. vipin

    hello sir,

    Kindly advice me how to get job in share market basis of derivatives module

  46. Amit Kapoor

    I have done MBA(Finance) and also BBA(CAM),AMFI(Advisor),IRDA(Life Insurance), SAPM from BIFM. Now i want to do CFP. Is it beneficial for me or not. If yes then can you tell me what kind of job i will get after complition of course.

    • Sekhar Saha

      Seems beneficial of course. But what are you doing now? I mean job. Then it would more clear to me to describe your position.

  47. vaibhav

    hi im graduate clear the examination of NCFM capital n derivatives module suggest me the future prospect by having this certificates.

  48. megha

    Sekhar ji
    I am an MBA (Marketing), with a work experience of 2 years in Sales. I got married about one year back and thus left my job. I want to work again now but have not been able to find any job.
    Can NCFM certification along with my MBA help me to get a job in capital market. If yes then
    1) what kind of job
    2) what kind of Salary
    3)which modules would you recomend.

    • Sekhar Saha

      You are welcome Megha.
      Dealer or relationship Manager (in fact marketing) kind of job you can get at this moment if you enters in the capital market.
      If you wanna clear NCFM I would suggest: Capital market dealers module, Derivative and Depository module. Try to crack the back office jobs in KPOs.

      sekhar saha.

  49. raj

    Hi every one and esp sekharji.

    Iam new to markets and planning to get into it.So where should i start from? I was thinking to give Capital Market (Dealers) Module
    Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module..So how helpful are these certfs?What kind of jobs would i get after that?i want to take it as my career and be financially settled

  50. Raunak

    I have cleared the capital market module,can i get sum job on this basis????

  51. Raunak

    Dear sir,

    I have recently completed the capital market (dealers module),m preparing for the derivatives n mutal fund module nw….i want u 2 guide me if financial planner is a gud option,if yes frm whre shud i do dat nse or international distance learning???

    • Sekhar Saha

      There is a course called CFP – Certified Financial Planner. You can check the option though I dont know the eligibility criterias and all. You have to check.

  52. gopal

    sir what is diferent between a Relationship Maneger and a Dealer PLZ TELL

    • Sekhar Saha

      RM does the job of client acquisition, marketing, financial guidance and a communication with the dealer or the company.
      The Dealer on the other hand transact the shares through online terminals. They are in fact the execution executives on part of the sellers and the buyers.


  53. gopal

    Sir which one is better for my career RM or Dealer.
    which one is the best sir.

    • Sekhar Saha

      Depends. If you are aggressive enough and having a passion over the marketing then go for RM. If you are inclined towards back office and execution, its dealer of course.

  54. Snehal

    Dear Sir,

    Was very motivated when heard about NCFM course. As i am planning to invest in share market and felt this course will be beneficial for me. Currently working in an IT firm in HR department. Hence, wanted to know if doing this course will be beneficial? If yes, then in what sense.

    • Sekhar Saha

      There is no relationship to invest in the market with that of NCFM.
      You can clear the papers thats all. No benefits for u, that I can say.
      If you want to understand the market in real sense, go to some known share market professional (better a research analysts) and she will be able to make u understand as to how the market works.


  55. i am a student of Financial Marketting Management(F.M.M) Stream and i have cleared both of the exam (i.e capital and derrivative module) with 85and 84 % in them .i want to know that can i give these certificate on rent or lease to the dealers who need it

  56. ram


    I am going to complete mba (finance) from ICFAI. and i am working with BPO in back office from last 3 year. sir i want to work in stock market companies. I am also doing trading from last 3 year.
    So will you please suggest me in detail how to appear for NCFM exam. and how much salray i can expect as i am already getting 2.5 PA but i came to know that after clearing certification only average salary is 6k.
    so kindly suggest me abt NCFM scope seeing my perspective
    Pls mail me at –

  57. priyanka

    hello mr.shekhar,
    i read the blogs and the advice given by you is very useful. but i want to know that wat are the job prospects after clearing ncfm exams? and wat salary could u expect ? i will be completing my mba in finance in april, so what would you suggest? also i m interested in working as a technical analyst for a broking firm. any course that would fetch me a job of a technical analyst?

    i would really be grateful if you could help meout with me queries, as you r the right person to tell!

  58. Amarnath

    i recently completed my MBA (Marketing) from JNTU.
    I just want to appear for the NCFM Modules as i concentrate on Dealer/Broker so which would be the best selective profession which match to my profile. So i just want to have suggests about required modules.

  59. Venu

    Hi all

    Can any one let me know what is difference between BSE and NSE. I know the meaning and I know that 30 companies, sensex and 50 companies, nifty.

    I am asking from exams point and career point which is better?
    Bse provide


    Not sure should I take NSE exams or BSE exams?

    Waiting for reply

    Regards Venu

  60. sekhar ji pls suggest me .how can i get ncfm
    derivatives book in hindi..can i give exam in hindi..

  61. anurag krishna

    hi shekher sir,
    i’m pursuing my mba from iipm Delhi,i’m in 2nd sem. i want to know about the difference between CFA, SAP and NCFM, which will be more profitable for me at the time of my placement’s. my mba is in marketing as core , finance as specialization and international marketing as super specialization.

  62. shamsher


    I am shamsher singh and I have cleared my exam of CApital market & f&o. now I want to clear Commodities dealer module . If u have some sample question.then please provide me .

    thanking you

  63. Hi Shekhar,

    Sukanto this side. I have cleared the NCFM derivatives module last week with 95% marks and cap market is in the pipeline. Tell me if i can start applying for dealer jobs. If so, how do i go for it?

    I also heard that passing derivative module would make me eligible for an unique user ID and password for future ref. Is that so?

  64. shailesh jain

    helloo sir i dont have any idea about ncfm but am quite interested in stock market and i am a student of bba 5th sem plz tell me from where to start. should i start with beginner module or something else. n also tell me watz scope after getting these certificates.

  65. Sukrat


    I work with a financial services company and am interested in pursuing my MBA in Finance from a top 20 B school. As such, I want to pursue a few certification courses from NCFM in order to boost up my profile.
    Could u please suggest few courses and the order in which they should be completed?

  66. Dharmesh

    Hello Shekhar ji
    I have heard a lot about various NCFM certifications. I want to know what are the future aspects after clearing these exams.
    I have done M.Com
    Can I get a good job after completing these exams?
    If I want to deal with shares, what certifications can provide me good knowledge about market which can be used in share dealing

    please reply




    sir I am Persuing M.B.A (finance) and i have done wid cs n M.A english and I have working experience in IDBI Intech and Vodafone essar , I am preparing for NCFM exam Capital Market ,Is this beneficial for me or not, it can grow my career faster please tell me

  68. Jerome Berbudeau

    Sir, I get an MS in Finance (PG) from French University & worked for 3 yrs as an dealer assistant in a French Bank n I would like to work as a BOLT operator. May i need to pass NCFM certification in addition ?


  69. Amit Sharma

    Sir, I am doing job as dealer and I have done mba (finance), I have NFCM – Capital Mkt, Derivative and NSDL – Depository. I would like to knw more about NCFM. Is there any module for me.


  70. Shyam

    Hi Sekhar,
    I have cleared the NCFM capital market with 87.75% & derivatives market modules with 95.5%. I am B.Sc (pass). Which module can I clear next? Also I am looking for a job can you help in that regard?

    Thanks in advance.

  71. chetan

    what is the scope of” investment analysis and portfolio management”module,

  72. karthi.n

    I Have Completed Currency derivatives With Planning to do Depository Operations.Can Any one tell That what kind Od Job I can get And How much Pay???

  73. ashwini korde

    hi..m ashwini korde……i want mock test of NCFM capital market dealers module…….plz can u tel me how to get it

  74. Hello I am arjun and i am currently working as a relationship manager in a stock broking firm which ncfm module would be benificial for me if i do go in for one.Also as i saw there are many modules in what chronological order should i appear for these exams so that i can derive the maximum benifit


    hi i m rajeev aryan i m already working in stock market and i have 6years exprience to work with stock market ncfm capital & derivatives module too useful for work with stock market

  76. sanjeev

    hi i am sanjeev and i have cleared ncfm capital market with 86.25% and derivative market with 97.50%

  77. Siddhartha Mistry

    Hie..I am a student currently in CA Final.. i would like to know what would be the job prospects if i do them along with my it worth doing?

  78. Sir,
    i have completed my B.Com(Hons.) from Delhi University this year only,I want to make career in investment banking.What are the options available to me.Should I go for MBA or some professional course such as CFA?Please help me out.

  79. varsha dash


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