Working with own Website Vs Clients

If you are an In-house SEO, SEM or if your company develop own websites (it could be the prime business to generate revenue through websites) or an amateur having an website, might have or I should say total flexibility to play with the website as compared to working with the clients websites.

Flexibility in terms of the following points that independent web developer could follow:
1. URL Engineering
2. Keyword rich text
3. Having Blog with the same domain
4. Research with news and contents
5. Traffic conversion with the help of Analytics
6. Scope of generating Fresh Content:
-> Now this point seeks some particular attention. Not all the websites have the pages or scope to generate fresh content on a regular basis. And this becomes more difficult when you are dealing with the clients websites. In that case you have to work within a boundary or limitations. But if you are able to convince the clients about the need of this, then only this is possible and the work of SEO becomes a bit easier.

In fact, in the present days the resources are getting lesser and lesser. Competition is rising at a rapid pace. So it could be quite difficult to pull the SERP rank or to maintain it for a longer period of time… and it is specially true for the websites those appoint agencies for the organic marketing but sometimes they failed to understand the pulse of the search marketing.
What to do? Once you have done the primary link building work with the specific contents, try do build a page which will generate fresh contents regularly. The ways are:
a) Blog posts
b) Industry News (in a news box)
c) Glossary generation
d) Forum posts (if there is any)
e) Use of Wikipedia
f) Small Articles and FAQ postings and so on.

If the clients could understand the need to include some of the above points on part of the agencies, then small and medium business could reap benefits from the search marketing and the tasks of the agencies could get easier.



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2 responses to “Working with own Website Vs Clients

  1. salman

    Great work!keep it up.
    Plz include something more on your experience in the stockbroking firm.

  2. Sekhar Saha

    Welcome Salman 🙂 and thanks for the praise.
    Well, I will try by best to share the experiences with the stock market.
    You can read this by the way:

    sekhar saha.

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