Preparing for NCFM examination

I am going to appear for the NCFM (Dealers Module) examination on 22nd October 2007.
NCFMNSE’s Certification in Financial Markets.

The Exam is on the Capital Market Dealers Module, conducted by NSE. This will help to take part to the Equity Research more actively. Currently I am contributing in preparing the monthly report for the Mutual Fund section.



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  1. nagesh bhattacharyya

    dear sir,
    i want to know as follows.
    1. my age is 51yrs how can i enter in this examination.
    2. whether any chance to be employed after passing this exam.
    3.if not what is the procedure to involve in business.
    4.please guide me to appear in this exam (dealer module) first.

    • shaunak

      dear sir…
      i am currently pursing my graduation(commerce) and have a keen interest in stock market and investment banking.i’m planning to appear for the ncfm module by nse, which module should i appear i have good knowledge of stock market as i am investing and trading since last 4yrs.
      I’m planning to do mba(finance) after my which module should i appear and also any other exams so that can help me in landing at investment banking firm.
      please reply.

      shaunak k.

    • A.ramireddy

      Hello sir .i want writing for the ncfm exm.i want for the sagesstions for the exm. so plesc give a yours value sagesstions.

    • ashish sharma

      sir i m doing mba in finance and i want to apper in capital market as well as f and o. plz tell me how can i pass those exam.i want to make my career in share market .

  2. Sekhar Saha

    You are welcome to the blog πŸ™‚

    Yes, you can appear for the exam (dealer module, capital market). In fact anyone can appear for this after clearing the 12th level board exam. If you have other work experiences, you can employed after clearing those (capital mkt and derivative mkt modules). Also you can do business as well. For that you need to take a franchisee from a stock broking house and you have to do all the marketing staffs on your own. I think that is better . I mean independent one. Please log in to and register your self for the NCFM exam. All are done through online. And you have to submit the fees (1000/-) to the ICICI Bank in cash or in credit card. Once the payment is done, you will get a message in your mail or in the mobile and then you have to choose a date on your own. Af ter that you have to take a print out of the hall ticket and paste a colour photograph on it. This you can also do online. Make sure you must keep sufficient time in your hand as you are new I think. In addition if you are thinking to have a franchisee you can mail me at ( I am currently working in shriraminsight share brokers.

    Feel free to contact me for further queries. I will be glad to assist you.
    Sekhar Saha.

    • K .Ranjith kumar

      Dear sir ,

      I am preparing for mcx mccp exam i decided to appear online test on next month so i am in need of model question papers other then in mcx web site please kindly help me reg this..

      K.Ranjith kumar


      dear sir

      my name is amita srivastava
      i had alredy given the exam of capital mkt. at least 6 times but i can,t clear that i read the total book total model paper aways my result got no. is 47.75, 49.25 always it is lost around 2 or three numbers please help me i m very hopeless

      • Sekhar Saha

        I think you have gone for the guess work for some of the questions. Avoid it. Try once more. This time I am sure you will win.

        Sekhar Saha.

      • Sekhar Saha

        I think you have gone for the guess work for some of the questions. Avoid it. Try once more. This time I am sure you will win.

      • Sekhar Saha

        I think you have gone for the guess work for some of the questions. Avoid it. Try once more. This time I am sure you will win.


      • Sekhar Saha

        I think you have gone for the guess work for some of the questions. Avoid it. Try once more.
        This time I am sure you will win.


      • Sekhar Saha

        I think you have gone for the guess work for some of the questions. Avoid it. Try one more time.
        This time I am sure you will win.


      • Sekhar Saha

        I think you have gone for the guess work for some of the questions. Make sure you avoid it and go for the confirmed one. Try one more time.
        This time I am sure you will win.


      • Sekhar Saha

        Avoid the guess work you will win.


      • Sekhar Saha

        Avoid the guess work as those carry negative marking. You will win.


  3. Bijal

    I hope that you are doing good ….. I was just going through NCFM certification on google and came across your blog….
    I have completed my graduation in 2005 and I have been working for in a call center for past few months ……
    I want to get into a broking firm as a online dealers …..can you please guide me regarding this I mean which exams do I need to appear and clear ..I know one needs to register on nse for this exams but can u pls throw some light on the same ….. if i register for NCFM certification on NSE from where do I get the study material and what exams do I need to clear for the same(For online dealers job) ..Does one need to clear the Derivatives as well …. I have a keen interest in getting into this Sector of capital market .I want to make my career in the capital markets ..Can you please guide me regarding the same ……..
    Pls reply back on bijal.patadia(at)


  4. Sekhar Saha

    You are welcome Bijal πŸ™‚
    Thats a good decision to come to the Capital Market segment. I appreciate it.

    Sekhar Saha.


    dear sir
    I want to become a member of ncfm , what i want to do ?
    my age 22; my qualification preparing for BBA.


  6. Sekhar Saha

    Welcome Vaibhav to my blog.
    NSE, the national stock exchange, conducts NCFM examination. Your question is not yet clear to me. I think you might want to become a member of NSE. If you are thinking to open a broking business then you have to register with NSE. Or, if you simply need a job there, you need to apply online. But first finish your study I mean MBA and then apply for the appropriate openings. Or, if you just want to appear for the NCFM examination, then you are exactly in the right place to resolve your queries. Please go through the above comments and let me know for further assistance.

    Sekhar Saha.

  7. Vivek

    I am going to appear in “capital market(Delar module)” . I want model question paper for this module.

  8. Sekhar Saha

    Please open this site:
    Go to the NCFM tab and find the ‘take model test’ option down below the list.

    Best luck for the test. Please avoid guess work in answering the paper. Negative marking is there.

    Sekhar Saha.

  9. sweetsoftbgp


    Can u provide me the model question paper of NCFM cash market dealers module.


  10. Sekhar Saha

    Please open this site:
    Go to the NCFM tab and find the β€˜take model test’ option down below the list.

    In addition please check the comments above. Everything has been described over there.

    Sekhar Saha.

  11. Shekhar

    Pl. let me know the future of Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module After getting Pass how I will get a Job as I m a Fresher. I have done will be Starting Salary? Which are the companies where I can Apply?

  12. Sekhar Saha

    Hello Shekhar, welcome to my blog πŸ™‚

    Please go through the comments above…it will be clear to you. First try to clear the Capital Market model and then derivative model. After passing the exams, starting salary would be around 6k pm. You can try the companies like, anandrathi, shriraminsight, Religare, Karvy, indiainfoline.

    Sekhar Saha.


    Please help me i am preparing for derivative and capital market module
    if any reference book is available
    please reply

  14. Sekhar Saha

    Please check the comments above. Hope those will help you.

    Sekhar Saha.

  15. dhivya

    i am a house wife, very interested in share market but have no money to invest and do share trading,so iam interested to work in this sector.but i have completed only my s.s.l.c. i have through knowledge and i have also worked as a branchmanager in a mobile company.what can i do to enter to this field and write exams.and get a job here. please guide me and help me.
    thanks and regards

  16. Sekhar Saha

    You are welcome Divya to my blog πŸ™‚
    Its great to see that you are interested in the stock market. Keep it up.
    I must let you know that, a hell lot money does not require to enter in the stock market. You can start investing with a very small amount of money say 5000/- or less. You are eager to get a job to stock market or in broking and that will help to enrich your knowledge base. Try to clear the NCFM Capital and Derivative module to get a break as you already have work experience . For that you can read the above comments.

    Feel free to ask.

    Sekhar Saha.

  17. s raja

    As I am apply capital market exam coming 25 th I have exam if you don’t mind can you give any tips to my id. actually I am fresh MBA and looking for job at financial service after the exam how can I approach the company, companies are looking for experience candidate what shall we do?

  18. Sekhar Saha

    Welcome Raja to the Blog πŸ™‚
    Please go through the comments above as well as other comments related to the NCFM examination. Click to the Exam tag at the right panel of the blog and read the comments. That will suffice the objective.

    Sekhar Saha.

  19. Hi,

    I have Cleared Financial Market, Capital & Derivatives Module with more than 80%.
    As I m a Fresher I don’t know how should I get Job
    is there anything else I have to do e.g computer course or anything else.

  20. Sekhar Saha

    Welcome Sumit πŸ™‚
    oh! its an outstanding performance on your part. Congratulation. Okay I will put some of the company’s name.,,,

    By the way where do you stay?
    Feel free to ask.

    Sekhar Saha

  21. Thanks for ur Reply. I stay in Pune.

  22. prasad

    where can i get NCFM (dealer ) module question & answer papers

  23. Pl. let me know what kind of Question asked during Interview Can u Provide me some of them, is it compulsory to have knowledge of Ms Excel? Also I want to know About Neat & Bolt Operation.

    It is written that approved users on F&O segment have to pass a certification program which has been approved by SEBI. Each approved user is Given A Unique ID No.
    As I have already passed when this Unique ID No. will provided to me?


  24. Sekhar Saha

    You are correct Sumit so far as the SEBI regulations are concerned. You could only get the ID once you have a job in the stock market. But that ID will be used by your company. So I doubt whether you will be able to know that one or not.
    Yes, basic computer knowledge is required as you have to operate the trading terminal. Question regarding the current stock market and economic conditions will be asked I think. Try to read business newspaper. That will certainly increase your knowledge base.
    Regarding Neat operation, company will train you on that. Otherwise you can do a crash course from local stock market related institute.

    Sekhar Saha.

  25. I have to face the capital exam so can anyone give tips how to prepare for exams. Its very urgent as my exams are very very near.

  26. Sekhar Saha

    Hi Pinky, its nice to hear from you. Please follow the above comments. I hope those will be suffice the purpose.

  27. Hi

    Pl. let me know how I can take a franchisee from a stock broking house?

  28. Sekhar Saha

    Do you like to take franchisee from Shriram Insight Share Brokers? Where do you stay by the way?


  29. Pl. mail me full details of franchisee from Shriram Insight Share Brokers? I m from Pune.


  30. Sekhar Saha

    Well Shailendra, we can’t disclose every detail on web media as there are some restrictions as you can understand. But, if you want, our people can contact you. In that case you need to send your contact address or at least the contact no.

    Sekhar Saha.

  31. Rakesh Mishra

    HI SIR,
    HOW R U.

  32. Sekhar Saha

    Congratulation Rakesh.
    Please go through the comments above.


  33. srinivas

    i want to be appear for NCFM, what are important paper in and salary’s can get. pls regarding this.


  34. Sekhar Saha

    Please check the comments above.

    Sekhar Saha.

  35. Devendra

    Hi Shekhar,

    I want to clear NCFM certication and I dont know which module should I do ? Is it necessary to do beginners module first or we can do any module.
    Please reply me.

  36. Sekhar Saha

    Please read the comments above.

    Sekhar Saha.

  37. Suresh

    I want to know the future prospectus of Amfi Mutual Fund Advisors,as I m A fresher i want to know what will be the starting salary which r the companies where i can apply?

  38. Sekhar Saha

    Welcome Suresh to my Blog πŸ™‚
    Asset Management companies generally look for Amfi qualified persons for market the mutual fund products. Plaese check out the AMCs.

    Best Luck.
    Sekhar Saha.

  39. raji

    hello sir,
    i am completed capital market dealer exam. next, i will prepare f&o .i want model questions and answers, which site search this models? i have already nse india com questions.

  40. Sekhar Saha

    Hi Raji,
    Welcome to my Blog πŸ™‚
    First I must congrats you for having cleared the capital market module and best luck for the coming exams. In F&O book itself, you will find lots of model questions and answers. Just accumulate all the questions from the site and the book and then memorise it thoroughly. And of course don’t forget to go through the entire book ok!

    Sekhar Saha.



  42. hi sir h r u.

    i want to know that what is passing mark is in capital market module.


  43. Sekhar Saha

    Pass mark for the capital market module is 50 out of 100. That is 50%. First try to clear the Capital market and the appear for the derivative module.

    Best luck πŸ™‚

    Sekhar Saha.

  44. Sachin S

    Hello Sir,
    I’m Sachin, currently working with a leading software company in Indian domestic financial market since last 2 years. My domain is into software development for Indian stock exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX etc. I wanted to know that
    Q1. Completing NCFM certification (BASIC,CMDM,FMDM) can be helpful to me for career prospects, both in software development as well as in business analysis. ?
    Even after completing the above certifications
    Q2. Is it possible to move into a business logic oriented job rather than into software development?
    Kindly reply.
    Thanking you for the same.
    Sachin S

  45. manshul goel

    I have given the exam beginner’s module and successfully cleared that one.
    Now i am preparing 4 securities module and my exam is on coming weekend.
    But the real problem is that i am not able to complete the preparation for that in such a small period of time. Can u suggest me what 2 do….
    Plz help me…
    is there any series of model test papers provided there except the one in the nse website,….

  46. Jyoti

    Hello sir…….
    I go thorough all of above comment i just want to know i appeared my 12th exam this year and its 15days period to come result so if i want to join and study after joining is it possible?or it will after clearing my 12th?


  47. Sekhar Saha

    Hi Jyoti, Welcome to my blog πŸ™‚
    Well you can start your study for NCFM now. But my understanding is that, get the result first, take admission for the graduation and then start the preparation for the capital market module.

    Best Luck.
    Sekhar Saha.

  48. manshul goel

    Plz help me only 4 days left and I had completed only 2 chapters of securities. I am helpless now. Plz help me to get out from this situation….

  49. Sekhar Saha

    Don’t get panic. Follow the points:

    1. Memorise all the solved questions and answers given in the book.
    2. Get a print out of the mock test questions and answers from the NSE website.
    3. Do not go for the guess work in examination hall. Negative marking is there.

    Best Luck πŸ™‚

  50. Jaspereet


    i’m planning to appear for Capital Markets-Beginners module..plz clarify my doubt….

    1. On NSE site, one document in section named ICICI cash payment centres provides a list of places where candidate can make payment for test…so, my doubt is dat can i make cash payment @ICICI bank branch located in any place or i can do dat only in branch situated in specified region??

    2. Is dere any need to send registeration form by post also even if i’ve registered online ?

    3. Do they send study material different from the one uploaded on the website?

    thnx….. πŸ™‚

  51. Sekhar Saha

    Good to see you there Jaspreet.

    1. You can deposit the cash amount near to your house, if cash payment mode is available there in ICICI BANK. Or do one thing, make the payment through the debit card (Banks are being mentioned over there).
    2. No need at all to send the reg. form. I think you have already done that online.
    3. No. The materials will be same and you will get the same within 7 to 10 days of the payment.

    Best Luck.
    Sekhar Saha.

  52. nadeem

    Hi Sekhar,
    I am preparing for Ncfm Derivative Module. I am not a graduate I am in my final year.Is it possible to get a job after +2 ? Or should i wait for my graduation?


  53. raj

    hi this is raj from assam……i am preparing to give the ncfm capital markets and derivative markets modules examination,is there is any extra model test papers other than given in nse websites????pls help me in this subject…….

  54. sangeet

    Dear sir ,
    Im preparing for NCFM exam Can u plz. tell me where & how do i find monk test paper for CAPITAL MARKET ( DEALERS ) MODULE .


  55. dhiraj

    Hello Sir,
    I am dhiraj working with hsbc contact center i am intrested toward financial sector and want to apply for amfi as well as ncfm exams.Please guideme what exams i have to apply for and how can i get under this sector with more knowldge as i am intrested towrd financial planning .Please let me know what exams need togive and how to increase knowldge abt market(m.f,share etc)

  56. Sekhar Saha

    To Raj: No, there is no other model test paper except the NSE one.. at least I dont know.

    To Sangeet: Please go to the NSE website and there you could find the model test paper.

    To Dhiraj: Well I can say, without having any practical exposure to the stock market it will be quite difficult to understand the stock market nature. I would suggest you, try to clear the NCFM modules and then go for the stock market job.

    Sekhar Saha.

  57. Shraddha

    Hi Shekhar,
    I gave my beginers module n scored 91 in it.. gave d first module just to boost my confidence :).. right now im preparin for security market [basic] module.. but i was looking for mock question paper on security market.. i have the mock paper from nse but i was looking for more… are they available in the market??? actually thats what i was lookin for on google n came across ur blog.. let me knw plz bout the mock papers.. thnks.. take care…

  58. Sekhar Saha

    I think those are sufficient along with what are being provided in the text book.

    Sekhar Saha.

  59. hi,
    I have given the exam beginner’s module and successfully cleared that one.
    Now i am preparing 4 securities module and my exam is on coming weekend.
    But the real problem is that i am not able to complete the preparation for that in such a small period of time. Can u suggest me what 2 do….
    Plz help me…
    is there any series of model test papers provided there except the one in the nse website,….

  60. Sekhar Saha

    Please memorize the questions and answers what had been mentioned in the study material as well as in the mock test.

    Sekhar Saha.

  61. manshul goel

    hii shekhar,,,,
    how r u?
    I have given the Finanacial markets basic module, Derivatives and Securities module and successfully cleared that. Now as i am in an IT company and my domain is Banking Finance and Securities, So as to get the domain knowledge i gave these exams, Now can u tell me which exams i can give which will be helpful to me( as i don’t want to get into NSE or broker or dealer), just for the sake of knowledge…

  62. nadeem

    Hi Sekhar,
    I am preparing for Ncfm Derivative Module. I am not a graduate I am in my final year.Is it possible to get a job after +2 ? Or should i wait for my graduation?


    Sorry Sekhar for repeating my question but u did’t reply.Hope to get an answer this time [:)]

  63. Sekhar Saha

    Better you should wait for the graduation. That will make the career more smoother. In the mean time you can try to clear the Capital and Derivative module and then apply for the dealer position to any broking house.

    Sekhar Saha.

  64. Omkar Oak

    Mr. Sekhar
    I had completed M.Com & working with the ltd. company which is a merchand banker, i want to give the NCFM exam debt module, pl suggest me should i directly go for it? or first i have to clear any other module.
    Cuurently i am working in debt secondary deptt. where i use to sale the Primary issues & secondary market issues.

    Also give me the info about is there any teaching pvt classes available in pune for preperation of NCFM exam ?

    Pl let me know your views.
    Awaiting for ur reply,

  65. Sekhar Saha

    Hi Omkar, Welcome to the Blog πŸ™‚
    Yes, you can go directly for the module you have mentioned. So far my knowledge is concerned, there is no need to take tuitions. Just study the book thoroughly as well as the questions and answers of the model test given in the NSE website.

    Take care.

  66. manshul goel

    hii shekhar,,,,
    how r u?
    I had given the Finanacial markets basic module, Derivatives and Securities module and successfully cleared that. Now as i am in an IT company and my domain is Banking Finance and Securities, So as to get the domain knowledge i gave these exams, Now can u tell me which exams i can give of NCFM which will be helpful to me apart fromt he above given exams( as i don’t want to get into NSE or broker or dealer), just for the sake of knowledge…

  67. manshul goel

    hope this time i’ll get the answer to my question

  68. sygi

    hiiiiiii shekhar
    i am preparing for the ncfm exam.but i dont want to become a dealer. i like the research areas .i hav completed the mba finance and also doing the cfa
    what are the steps to follow to reach my aim .can u suggest any ideas to reach my aim .please help me ,in what level i will start the enquiries about it ,whether i hav pass any exam for this?

  69. Sekhar Saha

    Well, it is quite difficult to say when you will get a job in equity research. You can apply your candidature to equity broking research. Most of them however are based in Mumbai. Or you can do one thing also. You can go for the KPO (IT Sector). They need quality people for the outsourcing. Else your starting point could be Operations dept.

    Let me know.
    Best Luck
    Sekhar Saha.

  70. Kumar

    Hi Shekar,
    I am kumar , is there any international certification in financial markets?
    which will be recognized across all financial markets

    Thanks in advance

  71. Sekhar Saha

    1. Certified Financial Planner
    2. Actuarial Science (Insurance)

    Sekhar Saha

  72. AS Raju

    Hi Shekar,
    I have an exam on cathe one on nse;s websitep. markets and Derivatives modules on 4 years olsJul 9th.
    Firstly, can I get any model papers other than the one on NSE’s website?.

    Secondly, I’m 35 years old. Did my graduation (Bcom) and Mcom(correspondence). Worke for 9 years in a BPO company as Coordinator for Management systems.
    Problem: My certificates were misplaced in the company which I recently left.
    Now will this hamper my opportunities to apply for franchise b’cause applying for duplicates will take a long time. Please advise

  73. Sekhar Saha

    The answer is no for your first question. At least I don’t know.

    You have to wait for the duplicate certificates. As the registration no. is already belongs to NSE. So remove the idea of appearing in exams in NSE (if the certificates dates are still valid).

    Sekhar Saha





  75. Sekhar Saha

    Please find the module question paper in NSE website.

    Sekhar Saha.

  76. vijay


    i really nice that u take efforts to clear all the doughts of the people.
    i have a dought, I am planning to give NCFM’s capital markets dealer module.
    My ultimate goal is to do a MBA from a good B school in finance.
    By doing the CMDM would i get a job in equity research in brokerage house???
    or any other module should i do to qualify for the job post???
    i want to do MBA after a year exp
    please help me sir

  77. Sekhar Saha

    As a dealer frankly speaking. And you need to clear the derivative module either.

    Sekhar Saha.

  78. samrat

    i have just passed the capital module with 74% and i want to know that how much importance derivative and comodity module?.

  79. Sekhar Saha

    They are inportant in the sense that, you may have to work with future and option segment along with commodity in the same terminal. In fact arbitragers do trade taking the benefits of the difference between the markets.

    Sekhar Saha.

  80. Dear sir,
    i am working in nj indiainvest a leading mutual fund distribution company in operations .i have did my in 2006 then tally then ncfm beginner module and amfi exam. i want to know that what will be the salary i can expect in financial market and which i can look for job.

  81. susmita

    what is the career path for a person passing ncfm capital, derivatives and commodities exams. what is the ultimate position he can achieve in an organisation?

  82. Sekhar Saha

    A dealer in cash or in commodity segment. An area manager starting the path from dealer.


  83. somasekhar

    i am preparing for ncfm capital market beginners modelu.i take model test in nse india web site. but i need some more mock tests.
    pls inform me where i can get this mock tests.
    pls help me.

  84. Krishnakumar S

    Dear Mr. Sekhar Saha,

    I browsed your blog – it is quite intersting, informative and very much useful for new comers.

    Wish you all the best and keep it up.

  85. Sekhar Saha

    Hi Krishnakumar S

    thanks for the appreciation. You are welcome to the blog πŸ™‚

    Sekhar Saha.

  86. vinay

    i have cleared the financial market (beg.) module, capital market module, securities market module and also the derivative market module, so plz tell me, which are the companies in which i can apply for jobs, and what are starting salary, i can get after passing these four modules. is there any need to pass any other module, plz suggest me if there is any module which i need to pass.

  87. Sekhar Saha

    You can start applying in the stock broking houses as a dealer.

    Best Luck.
    Sekhar Saha.

  88. ravi

    i will post gradutation in m.b.a.
    so plz tell me what is the importance of ncfm for me. should i participate in ncfm exam?

  89. Nanda


    I want to know if we can directly go for AMFI Advisors module without attempting the basic module of the same.


  90. Sekhar Saha

    Yes, you can.

    Sekhar Saha.

  91. vijay kumar

    I want to know the procedure of payment of NCFM fee through DEBIT i already try through ICICI payment gateway,and i am unable to do plz tell me something about that.


    hello sir,

    i finished my MBA finance and i want to do NCFM capital market course . but my experience in Production planning and Material management .As my interest I would seek a job in Financial Sector .Please guide me for good proposal for job .

  93. Sekhar Saha

    You must possess the net banking facility. It works.

    Sekhar Saha.



  95. Sekhar Saha

    I personally think, there is no need to take tutions. Rather one can discuss the workings of share market with someone who is related to that field. These days lots of educational institutes are providing training on that like ICA. You can contact them.

    Best Luck πŸ™‚
    Sekhar Saha.



  97. Sekhar Saha

    1. Go through the book thoroughly.
    2. Take some help regarding the functioning of the capital market in brief and then start.

    Best luck.
    Sekhar Saha.

  98. Reeta

    Hi Sekhar,
    I have registered for Derivative module Exam. Now i need some model question papers to work out. I worked out paper in NSE site. But still need more.Can u guide me or suggestion to prepare.

    Thanks in advance

  99. Reeta

    Hi SEHKAR,

  100. Sekhar Saha

    No other paper are available. Work out the materials vividly.

    Sekhar Saha.

  101. vIsHaL

    Dear Mr. Sekhar,

    I have registered for Capital Module & Derivative module Exams. Now i need some model question papers to work out. I worked-out on papers given in NSE site . But still need more. I registered for 25 Aug -08 exams so kindly help me I don’t have much time.

    vIsHal jAiN

  102. Sekhar Saha

    Work out on the study material minutely. That is enough.


  103. smiley

    i m appearing for my capital market module..
    i want to know whther its hard 2 clear the xam…?

  104. Sekhar Saha

    Not at all πŸ™‚

  105. Nirmal

    What would be the starting salary , after passing Ncfm, Exams. Suggest me which exams i have to give first?step-by-step. pls

  106. Hi Sekhar,
    I am a science graduate i want to complete NSDL Depository Operations Module. Would u let me know, after completing this module which kind of job i’ll get and what the salary i can expect in begining? I’m staying in Bangalore.Plz reply me.


  107. Sekhar Saha

    You can get a job in the Risk or in the DP department in stock broking house.

    Sekhar Saha.

  108. vikas

    Hi Sekhar
    thanks for replying my first question. I want to persue MBA(finance) will this experiance work there? Plz guide me.

  109. vIsHaL

    Dear Mr. Sekhar,

    I have cleared the Exams Of Capital market with 55% and Derivative Market with 76%.

    Now tell me should I search for job or try to clear some more Exams if yes then please guide my accordingly.

    kindly please guide me I want to clear
    NSDL – Depository Operations Module also, please tell me the starting salary and job profile…?

  110. uma


    I am doing my MBA in Finance now and recently i heard about NCFM modules. I want to know which module will help me enter into business analyst and when do i have to attend my exams. I have read the above comments but still confused a bit. Please can u advise on this.

  111. Nilesh

    Hello Shekhar,

    Is there any other solved questions other than those available on nse- india.I’am looking forward for fimmda & commodities exam and need to know if there are any questionaarie available.


  112. Sekhar Saha

    Congrats Vishal πŸ™‚
    Try to get a job as a dealer and then you go for the other modules as some practical knowledge is required for modules you have mentioned. Salary depends on the experience but my guess is that 6k to 8k will be th starting salary as a dealer.


  113. Sekhar Saha

    First clear the MBA first. To become a business analyst, nothing to do with the NCFM modules. Rather if you choose working in a stock broking research dept. my thinking is that it is indeed a kind of business analysis as without understanding the business module you cant prepare a good research report on a specific company.


  114. vIsHal

    Mr. Sekhar,

    Wht does the mean of ” A person Score above 80% is certify with certified trainer…??

  115. uma

    Thanks for your reply. But u know i don have any finance background so i thought these modules would be helpful for my job in future.


  116. VASU

    hai this is vasu from vizag
    i have an one doubt about ncfm i am completed my in 2004. right now i am working in karvy computer share pvt. ltd.
    those my frnds telling to write ncfm exams how to improve my growth with ncfm certificates and more over firstof all which module i can choose?

  117. Sekhar Saha

    Would you like to be a dealer?


  118. riya

    I deposit 2000 cash on25 aug 2008 at icici bank for two module of ncfm. But still I cannot get any confirmation.Will you tell what are happening .I am worried about my payment.

  119. Sekhar Saha

    Did you get message on your mobile? or did you recieve the duplicate copy of the payment?

    please log in to nse website to check whether there is any message of receving the payment. If no, wait for some time (3 days) and then do a mail to nse. If yes, you can then choose the dates of the modules.

    Sekhar Saha.

  120. vIsHaL

    Dear Mr. Sekhar,

    I want to know about the Exams which I have to clear for entering in Currency Derivative Market..

    now trading in currency futures (USD & RS) is also being started in NSE, so I just want to now the job future in this segment..

    kindly give me more information about currency derivatives.

    With Regards.


  121. riya

    no, I donot get any message & email from nse

  122. Sekhar Saha

    To Vishal
    Currently no exams are available I think.

    Well Ria, please do a mail to the NSE authority soon.
    Best Luck.


  123. Anand

    I have completed MA in Economics from Mumbai University. I have also given Financial Market – Beginner’s Module (NCFM). I am planning to enter the field of finance. Will the degree of MA help me in getting a job? Which exams will help me in getting a job in financial sector?

  124. riya

    dear sir,
    t got confirmation of fee deposit from nse. my husband & I am preparing for dealer in ncfm.i am 34 years old & my husband isnearly 38 years old.I want to know if we wiil clear capital module then we will got job or not.we are serious about service in the share market.Our age will got trobled in our career.Please reply me I am very tensed.

  125. Sekhar Saha

    Not sure maam, whether you people will get a job right there as a dealer or not. Surely your age might pose some problem. But I think as you have the work experience, you can get at least a back office job in the broking houses. Try for that. By the way where did you stay?

    Best Luck
    sekhar saha.

  126. riya

    bikaner (rajasthan).We have work experience as a shopkeeper.we do computer typing.we have not experience of share market.

  127. Deepak


    I am MBA finance as Major and want to do job in financial sector like AMC,Bank etc but did not want the marketing job.Can these NCFM certification helps me out there?

  128. Sekhar Saha

    I dont think your experience will suffice. But you can give a good try.


  129. Sekhar Saha

    No this will help you out. This is in general marketing and dealer specific certificates.


  130. dear
    sekhar ji my name is amit and i am from city/dist yavatmal maharashtra. i am 12 th pass from
    open university recog and run by govt of maharashtra. will it work for bcfm and ncfm exam? also please let me know is ncfm cash and fno certificate is vallied for bse terminal or not? my friend told me if i have to start bse bolt i have to clear bcfm exam cash module, ncfm is only for nse. is that true? i want to be sub broker and above exam are very tough or what type off please clear.


  131. Sekhar Saha

    1. Your qualification is enough for BCFM and NCFM.
    2. NCFM cash is for NSE terminals. Appear for that first.
    3. Exams are not so tough. All you need to do, read the book thoroughly along with the questions and answers.

    sekhar saha.

  132. Sudhir Singh

    Sir I want a job in share market. I am dealer in NSE Cash, F&O,BSE (Neat & Odin software) but I am not NCFM Certified.

  133. Sekhar Saha

    Then please clear those modules. And then try for the market.

    sekhar saha.

  134. Uday Shankar

    Hi Sekhar
    I had cleared the furst paper of NCFM and now trying to go for capital market,I downloaded the pdf’s from But all of them are encrypted. I mean I can’t copy them to notepad /wordpad to make summary. I need to manyually type the extracts .
    Do you know any way, from which I can copy some contects and write on notepad, if I need like any normal copying from a pdf.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Best Regards

  135. Sekhar Saha

    Download the acrobat 9 version. That might be the reason restricting you from copying.

    sekhar saha.

  136. K V R SARMA

    hi Sekhar Saha,
    My name is K V R Sarma, from Hyderabad. I have completed PGDFPRM from NIIT and working as a Relation ship manager in a private form. I want to know what type of job can i get after completing NCFM Depository Module. I don’t like Sales job, can get a job in operations after this.

  137. Sekhar Saha

    You could get a job in the DP section…back office operation.


  138. Udit

    Res sir,im wrkng as subbroker,but not happy with return frm wants to do job in brokering B.E. Comp. graduate.cleared ncfm in both cash n der.and have 3 yrs of subbroker. Wht kind of job i can get with this backgrond with what salary.? Thanking u.

  139. Sri


    i like to view live market status in NSE every day, after completing the NCFM Dealers Module, i got the user ID, after that using NEAT ( instead of using brokerage s/w) i can able to login and view status , this is possible or not

  140. nishant

    hi sir,
    can i get NCFM basic module online for free download.

  141. shweta pathak

    sir i am l.l.b and i am doing ncfm course after passing this exam there is any oppertunity in private bank

  142. Sekhar Saha

    Sure. Take it from site.


  143. Dear sir,
    I have cleared 8 exams of ncfm like capital mkt,derivative mkt,securities mkt,mutual funds both basic and advisory,financial mkt, corporate governance,commodities mkt. i just gave all those exams because i wanted to get knowledge,what it is all about. plz tell me how these certificates are going to help me? and is there any job prospect? if yes plz tell how much pay i will be getting as a fresher.i just completed my graduation.

  144. Sekhar Saha

    Please read the comments.


  145. Sekhar Saha

    Hi shweta pathak
    you are welcome to my blog πŸ™‚

    Chances are lesser after the completion of NCFM.

  146. dear
    sekhar ji i am again here to ask you will bcfm derivetive module certificate is vallide for nse derivetive?
    or will i have to pass both for opening my sub brokership in both segment? and i want to be sub broker where i can contact you ? i am interested in your company

  147. vIsHaL

    Hi…Mr. Sekhar,

    I m again here to clear some more doubts …

    I have cleared the Capital and Derivative Papers now I have an offer for Risk Manager Post …

    Please tell me the future scope for this position……????

    With Regards..
    vIsHal jAiN

  148. Sekhar Saha

    BCFM is not valid for NSE. And these days NCFM certificate is all required to run the terminals. You have to clear only the NCFM cash and derivative modules to have the brokerage dealership.

    You mail me at: saha(dot)sekhar(at)gmail(dot)com
    with your address and contact no. Our team will contact you.


  149. Sekhar Saha

    It is indeed a good post as a risk manager in the broking firm. It possess challenges in terms of how to manage or increase the turnover even in the economic downturn. You might be always busy at that time. I will loose valuable comments from one of my visitors πŸ™‚

    best luck
    sekhar saha.

  150. Ashish

    Hi sekhar its very nice that u r guiding like we people who wants to make career in share market
    I have appeared for 1st year of BA, currently I am working in marketing field
    I have decided to go for NCFM
    1) Do i get job in finance market after getting
    NCFM though i am undergraduate?
    2)should I start to apply before certification at
    Pls guide me

  151. Sekhar Saha

    Thanks Ashish πŸ™‚

    First clear the NCFM and of course the graduation. That is essential for the career growth. Then you try for the financial market as a dealer. By that time acquire some knowledge as to how the market works from a known guy… okay!

    best luck

  152. narendra

    hi sir i am naren i applied for amfi basic module please give me some websites to attend mock test , so that i can improve my skills.

  153. Sekhar Saha

    There is no modules for AMFI so far my knowledge is concerned.


  154. education plus

    hi Sekhar,
    m impressd with your blog & knowledge level. let me introduce myself, m in the stock market since 1994 and worked with various brokerage houses at various positons and currently assocaited with MNC brokerage house and managing a huge fund based arbitrage desk. recently i have started ” Education Plus” a Training Academy for Careers in Stock Markets such as Derivatives(NSE & BSE), Mutual Funds and specially fund based Arbitrage, providing high end training to students and professionals and assisting them to get deep knowledge on the conceptual and practical aspect of various products of Financial Markets. Additionally, we also specialize in providing corporate training to the employees of Financial Services Companies by training them to clear NSE and BSE Modules on Mutual Funds & Derivatives. Our hard working team coupled with professionalism results in total efficiency and superior skills, which benefit our clients and candidates alike. waiting for your reply, till then

    by & tc

  155. Sekhar Saha

    Thanks for the complements πŸ™‚ You are welcome to my blog!
    You people are doing great job in assisting people to get the exact training. Its appreciating.
    But please tell me how can I assist you?

    Sekhar Saha.

  156. papu

    i am papu,preparing for ncfm capital market .
    please send me question papers of any 10 examination.

  157. Sekhar Saha

    Papu, please read the above comments.


  158. anil

    i have completed, ll.b, d.f.m., d.e.m., and i alos completed NCFM Modules: – Financial Market(Beginers ) Module, Capital Market (dealer) Module, Derivatives Market ( dealer) module, Securities Market(basic) Module, Surveillance in stock exchange module. Should i appear more exams in NCFM. what opportunities in future after giving all 16 NCFM modules. and What need in companies as a compliance officer and what is startign salary as a compliance officer?

  159. anil

    if i have pass a compliance officer (both module), what is opportunities in future as a compliance officer in any Company?

  160. Sekhar Saha

    So Anil, you are interested as a Compliance officer in a broking house right! Most of the companies have their Compliance officer probably and they work independently with the association with SEBI. You can start as a assistant of the chief. I think you are right person to be at the compliance department.

    sekhar saha.

  161. asishk

    hi mr.saha

    just a bit confused.
    i have to appear for ncfm f&o exam but ther is lot of confusion in my mind.but i am not able to find this module on the website of nse.someone told me its actually the derivative paper but then ther is no module by the same name (and hence Curriculum and Study material for this module)
    on the webpage cooleagues have told me that its the derivative paper actually but than i cant find that either on the above url.although its on plz clear this confusion and send me a link for Curriculum and Study material for the same.

    thanks and regards
    Asish K

  162. Kamlesh Patani

    Hi Sekhar,

    I have cleared the first module and now I planing for the next module.

    Could you please tell me how much mark will be it deduct if i would give wrong answer ??

    which module should I appear in, Securities or Derrivative ????

  163. Sekhar Saha

    I suppose it is Capital Market module. You can appear for the derivative one.


  164. Sekhar Saha

    here the link is.
    capital market module (You have to unzip it and then you will get the pdf of the materials).


  165. Mathi

    Hi All,
    Am working in a leading software firm with exp of one year.I would like to know some international certifications in Finance ,Banking ,Systems sector.Plz help me.

  166. Sekhar Saha

    Certified Financial Planner
    Actuarial Science

  167. santhosh

    Dear sekhar,

    I had a very good feeling while i was going through the comments that you have written for different quaries… my name is Santhosh and an aspiring candidate for advisor module test and it will be held on 15th of this month(oct.). where can i find mock test for the same module…please help.

    thank you…

  168. Sekhar Saha

    Are you talking about AMFI?
    No modules are available. Try to collect the book what AMFI people provide and then work out with the given question and answers.

    sekhar saha.

  169. Ankit Mundra

    Dear Sir,
    Above all heartiest thanks, because your blog help me out to analyze and grasp maximum knowledge about NCFM.
    As i was going through your blog,i couldn’t find anything about currency futures which has been started by NSE few days back. I will highly appreciate if you could help me out in accumulating the study material for Currency Futures (Basic) Module to clear the NCFM Paper.

    waiting for your affirmative reply
    Thanks and Regards

  170. Sekhar Saha

    Please follow the link:
    paste the above and run. You will get the desired soft copy of the module. Else mail me once. I have that copy.

    Sekhar Saha.

  171. A Paul

    Hello Sir

    My name is Arun Paul. I’m from Chennai. Could you please let me know what are the career prospects available after successful completion of “Surveillance in Stock Exchanges” and “Compliance Officer’s Modules (which one of the two is best – ‘broker’s module’ or ‘Corporate’)”? What will be the starting salary like? Thank u for ur valuable advice.

    Best regards

  172. Prashant Mahajan

    Hi Sekhar,

    I have passed Dealer module for cash, derivative & commodity. Now I want to give Compliance Officer Exams. So can you suggest me Study Material for the same



  173. Sekhar Saha

    * Prashant, you can download the softcopy from nse website.

    * Arun, for Surveillance in Stock Exchanges module, you can try for the risk department of a broking house. But prior to that, you need to have some experience on dealing and client risk operation. By the way, I dont have any idea on Compliance Officer’s Modules. Once I get the same, I will let you know ok!


  174. sandhya

    wanted to know how to clear the NCFM Debt Module?? as this is one of the toughest one among the ncfm tests. can u give us some tips for writting the exam. my exam date is 21st october 2008. plus most of the syllabus is outdated to the current market conditions. This is a major problem as i have working experience of over 10 years in debt market. please suggest some simpler ways to clear the exams. thanx.

  175. Sekhar Saha

    No idea at all Sandhya as I havent appear for that 😦
    But I think you might not have any problem for that particular exam keeping in mind the experience you have πŸ™‚
    My tips would be simple once again:
    1. solve the questions and answers of both the mock tests and of the book.
    2. Avoid guess work in exam as negative marking is there.

    Best luck
    sekhar saha.

  176. Mahesh

    Hello sir,
    I wanted to ask couple of questions. I am preparing for ncfm-beginners module, i have also solved the model test paper given on nse website. Now
    1) Should i expect the same type of questions in the exam ?
    2) The material that is freely available for this exam and can be downloaded suffices for the preparation ?
    3) Any other thing to be considered for getting high scores in exams (i mean from preparation point of view)


  177. Sekhar Saha

    please go through the comments above.

    sekhar saha.


    Dear sir

    i have completed NCFM capital market dealer module with 56% . i like to be a sub broker of ICICI securites ltd . plz advice me what precaution should i take and refer me some other securities house which are better.

    kindly reply soon

  179. ASHOK


  180. Amandeep kour

    I am a graduate.I am appearing for NCFM Beginner’s module.Can u provide me the modal test papers.
    Will clearing this exam help me get a job ?

  181. Aditi bartaria

    hi shekhar ,
    I am in final year of Agri business management and I am thinking of taking the FEDAI currency futures exam of NCFM. Will it be helpful to get edge over other fellow batchmates who are taking up other modules of NCFM including derivatives etc. ? Should I go ahead and take up the exam before entering the final placement procedure?

  182. Sekhar Saha

    To Ashoke and Amandeep:

    Please read the comments above.

    And for Aditi:
    Better you sit for the commodities module exam (MCX). That is more related to the subject you have chosen.


    Sekhar shah sir nice to meet u, i completed my MBA in finance and also i want to give NCFM exam in capital market module, it whill helps me to become unique in finance and i want to make portfolio of my corpus {fund}
    so lpease tell me how to apply for NCFM EXAM and how to pay the fees of it.
    kindly reply soon. thanks

  184. Sekhar Saha

    Hi Baban,
    welcome to my blog πŸ™‚

    Please check the comments above. This will resolve your queries I think.


  185. janmejay sahu

    Hi sekher, I want to appear for capital ,derivatives market module .Is there any mock test on these papers . After passing these papers am I eligible for any monthly stipend from NSE. Shall I get any part time job after this exam.
    pls reply, thank u very much . take care.

  186. Sekhar Saha

    Hi Janmejay, how are u?

    No there is no stipend. Its all your cost to appear for the exam. Broking industry has received a big blow in the ongoing financial crisis. To get a job will be really difficult other than marketing.
    Go to the NSE website, you will get the mock test papers there.


  187. Abhijit Rai

    Need Study material for Corporate Governance module. Pl. help.
    Abhijit Rai

  188. Sathish

    I am working as a software engineer in an MNC and want to shift my career track into Finance. If I complete NCFM modules, would I get job immediately. What would be my roles & responsibilites.

  189. please help me for the preparation of derivative market. Now i have studied ncfm book so tell me the other any option the reference…
    thanking you

  190. hi, i have a question . i have complited my MBA in Finance in 2008 and now associate with reliance money ltd. i have complited 5 NCFM module( Capital (delear) module, Derivative(delear) module, AMFI( advisory) module, commodities module and NSDL depositary module.) . is thier any change to get job in the field of equity research company. what are the companies that i will apply for the job. what other career that i can go for?

  191. Ajith

    hi sekhar..i was completed my BBA degree and i want to go for MBA + CFA (icfai) ..though my financial situation is not good, first of all i need a job im now appearing for NCFM capital market exam..after completing that where can i get jobs..??

  192. rambabu

    dear sir please send me ncfm fedai previous question papers

  193. Mudit Airan

    Hello Shekhar
    First of all i would like to appreciate your selfless efforts in answering so many queries. Keep up the good work,friend!

    Now here comes my query(after reading almost all ur replies). I have completed my beginners module successfully with 79% and would like to do a couple of modules more in support. I had almost enrolled myself for Derivatives module and then came across ur blog which says that one should give Capital Markets module before Derivatives Module. It would be grateful if u could throw some light on the same. Secondly I am into my final year engineering with MBA plans. Should I opt for Capital+derivatives or AMFI?? What would u suggest??

    Thanks in advance.

    • Sekhar Saha

      Sorry for being late in giving the answers. It should be the capital and the derivative first as those are required for the opening of the terminals when you join as the research assistant I suppose. The plan for the MBA is great but make sure the institute should be a good one viewing the current job market scenario worldwide. AMFI certificate is required for the mutual fund distribution and thus marketing purpose. BTW, thanks for the complements.

  194. Khader

    hi sekhar, i had completed ncfm in securities markets module and i would like to go for a job an d i have done computers so plz advice me how to apply for a job in finance industry


    hi I am vipin ahuja,
    i want give exam of compliance officer (corporate)
    but no available for compliance officer
    where i find book for comliance officer (corporate module)
    plz help me

  196. Gururaj shetty R.

    I want to start a new share office & my qualification is Diploma in mechanical engg. please tell me what are all the basic steps which i am suppose to do & in how many days i can start trading please reply me

    Thanking you

    • Sekhar Saha

      That means you are likely to take a franchisee on share trading right! All you need to deposit a caution money with the reputed brokerage house. Remember all the marketing stuffs you have to do. The brokerage will be shared as per the terms and conditions depends upon the business you provide. And you must have an office space and the internet connection so that the business could run smoothly. If you need some assistance write me and mention the place and the contact address. Oh BTW you need to have the Capital and the derivative market module certificates from the NSE INDIA ok!

      best luck πŸ™‚

  197. sreekanth

    i got the required info, thank u

  198. dear
    sekhar ji , visiting to your blog after long time , i hope you remamber me?
    now i am also the part of your company i have just joined as a sub broker. within a month shriram insight branch will be open at city /dist yavatmal (near nagpur) i will need your advice time to time as i dont have experience in stock broking . just looking for your
    kind co operation ,thats it. see you soon take care.


  199. Hello,
    I am working as a engineer, my brother is preparing for NCFM , He wnts to do 7 or 8 modules, He is starting with financial market beginners module,Can you suggest me which modules are best to get a office job.
    Also if there are any institutes in pune ,which gives training on preparing for these exams.

    PLZ reply.

    • Sekhar Saha

      So far the name of any institute I cant tell here from Kolkata. You have to take some initiative to search for the process. Well, so far I can understand your brother is fresher and he needs a job. If he is interested in the capital market, he has start from the scratch I mean from the dealer level. In that case he must have to have two prime certificates that is capital market and the derivative market. Then he can clear the other modules. But in this downturn economic scenario I doubt there will be any little bit of chance for the fresher in the stock broking industry. Tell him to make a good try.
      Best luck and keep in touch πŸ™‚

  200. Somya

    hello shekhar,
    i am a bit confused about selecting modules & i needed your guidance in this regard. I have done my mba in marketing..have 10 months experience in media i want to enter banking industry & in operations profile i.e. office job..kindly help in choosing the right modules which can help me getting the desired job profile.

    • Sekhar Saha

      Nothing to confuse. As those module papers are relevant for the dealers module. Ans as you have MBA I dont think you will have much difficulties in getting office jobs. Are you in the online media industry? If yes then I must suggest you something to stay there as the situation in the BFSI segment is not quite good all over the world.

  201. renuka

    sir regards, i m first time goin 2 appear 4 this exam of dealer how can i prepare. which model papers should i see through

  202. vasanthi

    Sir, I finished the capital market dealer’s module. After that what to do next and whether we can get the job in relate to share market or any were.

  203. sudip banik

    after passing two moudle capital and derivative i am not getting job. what should i do.

  204. Rahul

    Hi Shekar,

    Your valuable suggestions to everyone is worth commendable. I just wanted to know abt
    NSDL-Depository Operations Module. People scoring above 80%, will be certified as β€˜Trainers’. – Wht dos this mean ??

    • Sekhar Saha

      I am trying to assist people. I think, NSE would recommend those names (area wise perhaps) for the brokers to get the manpower training of her DP section.

  205. Amandeep kour

    I have cleared Beginner’s module with 74% marks.I will be appearing for Derivatives module for which i have deposited online fee which is valid for 6 months.I want to know that if in future i want to give Amfi exam instead of Derivatives.Can i do so…or i will have to give Derivatives exam only because i filled the exam fee for that……

    Thanks !

  206. manisha

    i want previous question papers of capital market

  207. Radha krishna

    Respected sir,
    My name is M.Radha krishna and I am completed my MBA Specialization in finance and I successfully completed NCFM modules Capital market, Derivatives, AMFI, NSDL modules is there any good job suitable to my profile and I have three years of experience in marketing.

    • Sekhar Saha

      I think you are looking for some back office or research based jobs! You can try those. But most of the stock broking employers would like to engage you as a marketing person. Or you can try out for dealer. As this involves with stock research and of course marketing.

  208. Harish

    I am a commerce graduate and doing M.B.A. in finance.I want to make my career in corporate finance.Do I need to appear for any NCFM exam.Will it help me or my M.B.A. degree will be sufficient to get a job in corporate finance.
    Plz reply.

  209. Amandeep kour

    can u plz provide me the modal test papers for Commodities module…i really need them

  210. parvesh kumar

    dear sir,
    i am working with il & fs investmart securities ltd.
    soon i have to take my ncfm exam.and i wand to clear it please tell me about helpfull detail how can i crack this.i am a terminal operator there have practicale knowledge.

  211. Pradnya

    Hi Shekhar,
    I am a Engineer graduate.I had been working as a Lecturer,but had to have an break in my career.Meanwhile,I watched stock market and is also an investor.I found myself developing interest in it.Now,whn i m planning to restart my carreer,i feel to do something in area.Should i go for NCFM,or anyother path to enter.

  212. Raj Wadkar

    Dear Shekhar,

    I am IT professional having 5+ yrs exp, wanted to switch to share market related jobs and want to appear NCFM exam. Pls guide me is after completing this exam I can get suitable job in market? Or any other study required to get the appropriate job. Can you provide me list of companies where we can try after completing this exam.

    Thanks ,

  213. sukram pal singh

    Hello sir,
    I am a graduate and having two certificates of ncfm (cash and f&o) . I also have six month experience of operating ODIN software . Now i am looking for sub-brokership in Baraut , near Baghpat U.P.
    Please guide me in this regard.
    thank you.

  214. abhilasha

    i am 23 old house wife n i want to open my own brokerage business.
    so how i can start my own company????
    n what i have to do this?

    • Sekhar Saha

      You can take a franchisee from a Stock broking house. And if you know how to operate the terminal, this will be an added advantage as you don’t have to pay salary. But marketing staffs you have to do. Please read this post.

      By the way, where do you stay? Can I assist you in this regard?

      Sekhar Saha.

      • abhilasha

        i m in jaipur right now

      • Sekhar Saha

        Would you like to open the brokerage house there? You can mail me ( for further assistance.

        Best luck


      • thippesh

        no sir i just want to work in stock broker company . as of this is my goal .
        please reply me soon i have to apply for the exam. which module will help me in getting job soon.
        what i was thinking was
        1) financial market
        2) mutual fund module.

      • mohit

        sir plzzz provied me details about monir age. how can i solve this. cn i change the date of birth in the certificate through any process.

  215. hi sire
    my name is bharath reddy i have( capital module )
    ncfm certificates iam working in shriram insight company . i get 10500/- salary iam n`t sufficent in this salary
    so plz tell me another way in this morket

    • Sekhar Saha

      Stay there at shriram Insight. In fact I was also an employee of that company in the head office. Market is not yet recovered fully. Try after 2009.

      Best Luck πŸ™‚

  216. niks

    hi sir
    i am doing MBA(Marketing & Finance) now but i want to give a exam before complete the MBA. which type exam is better for me . pls sir tell me

  217. arti sehgal

    i wana ask dat ill get study material for ncfm fianancial market (beginner module). ill get that material only on only or somwhere else also

  218. venkat

    dear sekhar,
    i have cleared two modules but could not clear the next as i did not know where to find excel format while writing online. pl help so that i can complete more modules. ( am i missing something on the exam screen or plain stupid)

    • Sekhar Saha

      What is meant by Next exam?

      • venkat

        dear sekhar,
        i got stuck in capital markets module as i did not know how to use excel during exam. there is no scope to open excel as the full screen is about the question paper. pl help

  219. thippesh

    Hi i am new to this blog , but i found this blog very informative. This is my first post.
    I am thinking of applying for NCFM financial market beginners and mutual fund beginners at one shot.

    I have a query which module will help in getting job easily and fast .
    How many months time is required if i can spend only my after work hours to read (2 hours a day)
    Please guide me as i have plans to jump to share market field before the commence of new year.
    All your ideas/suggestions are most welcome . Thank u

  220. sathish

    HI SIR I am preparing for NCFM CAPITAL MARKET EXAM …… i need model questions. pls reply me

  221. siddu


    Dear sir,

    I am willing to work in Investment Banking domin,
    can you tell me, How to prepar Interviw and which exams can i take in ncfm modul..
    me did mba in Fiance……..

  222. RAJHA

    Respected sir
    i am preparing for NCFM Exam i going to apper next month capital and derivative so please help me its easily to clear the examinations do u have any model question papers please help me..

  223. Dear Shekhar,

    Hi I am Sachin, working in telecom company, & want want to developed my carrier in Share Market for which i want to give the NCFM exam, but i have one query, I am from engineering background & i have no idea of NCFM, so i want to know that is their any coaching classes/Training centers in Mumbai, so that i can clear out my exams….


  224. Ashish

    i am prusing cfp and also preparing for ncfm exams .what job oppurtunites are availabe for me , also what could be the pakage offered . am not a graduate.

  225. Respected sir,
    i’ve compleated mba in 2009 my age 30 now i’m
    looking for job. i’m willing to write ncfm exam.
    if i get ncfm certificate how will my career in tho
    se & may i go to soft ware sector by dat certificate

  226. rajani

    hello sir
    How are u? sir i completed capital,derivatives, and commodities modules. i want to know the job oppurtunities in investment banking? i am graduate. what else other modules i have to complete for that career. please suggest me sir.

    • coollife

      Hi rajani , i also have taken up capital market module, how was the exam , how to prepare for it .
      Is it enough if we read the study material provided by them.
      How much percentage u got.

      Please provide some tips for the exam.
      Is it easy enough to clear the exam at one go.

      Please help with capital market exam model papers or anything pertaining to capital market .


  227. samira

    i want to give a ncfm exam of currency derivative. which are the appropriate class. and is this exam useful to get a job in this field.

  228. mukesh amrit

    This is mukesh amrit, i dont have much knowledge about financial sector, and how much importance is it for finance specilization in mba student,please reply fast, because at the time i search core finance job, i also have taken up capital market module, how was the exam , how to prepare for it .
    Is it enough if we read the study material provided by them.
    How much percentage u got.

    Please provide some tips for the exam.
    Is it easy enough to clear the exam at one go.

    Please help with capital market exam model papers or anything pertaining to capital market .

  229. Ankur

    Sekhar Ji,
    I am 21 year old had registered for NCFM-DERIVATIVES Module.
    I’d already passed Financial Market Module.
    I’m getting some problem in Derivatives, so can you plz suggest me any reference book or sumthing else.

  230. Anubhav

    I m new to NCFM so could u sugest me which module i go for certification ?
    I m a final year Engineering Student want to go for Broking business. And is there any scope for Engineering fresher in the Broking Companies ?

  231. MOHIT

    SIR PLZZZZ RPLY ME SOON, actuly m facing the problem of minor age, i hv cleared my capital and derivatives xms, bt my company couldnt use these certificates bcoz of minor age. sooo plz help me.

    • Sekhar Saha

      U should have acted after knowing all those in details. And one thing is really scaring that how NSE people allow u to appear for the exams without verifying the age? Though it all requires to have 10+2 passed. Anyway I would suggest u to make them understand that its not your fault.

  232. cool

    Hi sir, i have completed two exams
    one is financial market beginners module with 82%
    and the other one capital market dealers module
    with 78.5 %

    now i am very desperately looking for job and i have posted the question in many forums and nobody is guiding me properly.
    I am from bangalore , please guide me how to get job and what type of job i will get , what will be the salary, which consultancy to approach for job

    please please please guide me

    i am very eagerly waiting for reply

  233. mohit

    sir plz tell me that where i can got details about minor age.

  234. mohit

    SIR pls provide me details about minor age. No, m not interested in open a brokerage house. m fully satisfied with my job. bt plzz provide me detail about minor age.

  235. basha


    i cleared capital module. now i m preparing Derivatives exam..can u help out me d how to prepare the exam

  236. Mandar

    Sir i had completed NCFM certification in equity derivatives,mutal fund,derivative-dealer,financial market and done with BCOM I am intrested in finance sector can u suggest me for which company i should go for??

  237. HABIBA

    i want to apply for NCFM Exams,so i want to know what is the procedure to apply online and what is the study material.

  238. Sanket

    Hi sir,
    its look good that u r solved out diffrnt quiries of the people…

    actually i fail in F.Y.Bsc..
    i want to work in stock market only at any post..
    shud i appear for NSE exam..??
    its my career questn..
    so what u suggst to do??
    wtng for reply……..

  239. Hello sir,

    I am intersted to write a ncfm completed in sslc,and now doing B.B.A Final yr in Corres,can i qualified for write that exam,i am working in Share broking office,2 and half years,kindly reply me,its my carrier.

  240. Arun gupta

    please provide me all detail about ncfm.because i went to work in stock market, and i went to make carrier,
    and sir, please tell me about test and best model,now i m pursuing pgdm.
    please suggest me

  241. Amit Kotecha

    Respected sir,
    I am impressed by the way u solve all the queries releted to NCFM.I had cleared Capital market module with 86%.Now i am going to give derivative market exam on 10/05/2010.I had booked my seat 5 days ago & today when i opened my account on ncfm than it shows some technical problem(”The webpage you are looking for is currentle unavailable or website might facing some technical difficulties”) Now what to do? I dont have hall ticket due to this technical problem & tomorrow is my exam.Pls… reply me as soon as possible.

  242. dipesh

    hello sir ,
    i am giving tybms & i have planned to give mba in finance after this so this NCFM exam will really help me to grab nice job .

  243. Anand

    I want to write NCFM exams. I am doing my MBA right now.. could you through me some lights on the series of ncfm exams ..and how to start with it..

  244. Respected sir

    I am preparing for ncfm exam {capital market(dealers)module & derivatives market(dealers)module} and at the same time i hav some sort of study related issues in my concern due to which i cant pay attention to those two ncfm exams.Please suggest me the maximum time limit for appearing for the same.Also i havn’t recieved the exam date either through mail or mobile.Now i am totally confused about it.

    Please help me out on personally and its a humble request.

    Manpreet Singh

  245. dear sir i am sangeeta, i was got traning of a small sub broker group ,can u plz tell me where and how do i find monk test paper 4 capital mrkt (dealer) module

  246. soumya

    I would like to know, is there any preference in getting 80% mark in NSDL depository module.
    what does ‘certified trainer’ mean?

  247. anil kumar

    i am preparing for capital dealer module . please give me website name from where i can take the past year test paper for practice. waiting for reply. thanks

  248. abishek lakhotia

    hello sir,

    can u plz provide some sample questions for equity derivative beginners module.there is no model test paper in the nse website

    thank you

  249. Milton

    i m going to give the ncfm(begginers) by next month.Can u pls advice me what do after that? As i m doing mba frm ignou.and i m very much interested in sharemarket and want to be a broker. after passing ncfm(begginers) Should i take franchisee?

  250. selvakumar

    dear sir i am selvakumar from trichy
    i am 40 years old .i am intrested in capital market dealers module exam in nse.but my educational qualification only sslc. iam eligible that exam?

  251. surbhi

    sir i hve need a model paper or sample paper of currency derivative exam (NISM) for exam preparation pls guide me for arrange that.


    plz can u tell me which one is better – “Derivative Market Module from NCFM or from BCFM” And which is better recognized the certificates from BCFM or from NCFM?

  253. Vandana

    I am interested in doing ncfm course namely capital market(dealer module) and derivatives market(dealer module). So I would like to know if there are any reference books for practising the objective pattern questions for the above two modules to score good marks(as passing is 60%).
    Please let me know if any such book is available and the details of it.

    Thank you,


  254. shilpa

    hi im doing my MBA in finance last sem i want to takeup ncfm exam how can i go about it….what may be the duration?

  255. Rahul

    Dear Sir,
    I am working in a Delhi based stock broking firm,please give more inputs on ncfm- derivative module.

    Thanks & Regards


  256. sandeep dabas

    hi sir
    I m a MBA in information technologies and working in stock broking company please give me more details about NCFM exam

  257. ankit jain

    Dear Sir,
    I am working in a broking company as a Dealing manager.I am interested in compliance related works.For that, I have to clear some essential requirements.,i.e. passing NCFM-Compliance officer(brokers) module.But no reference books or study material is available.Could you please provide me some books for this ?


  259. RAJ SAHU

    dear sir,
    my name is Raj from mumbai…i have completed BBA in 2010…and right now,i am doing MBA from mumbai university and also pursuing CFA from icfai university..i am interested in capital market..and i don’t want to job in brokering firm…I want to job in NSE or BSE..and also know about its government sector or private sector..
    how much NCFM module is important module for it??
    please detailed reply.

  260. Amisha

    Hello Sir,
    I just completed my graduation in BA (economics).
    I am still awaiting my results.I am planning to do my MBA in capital markets from NMIMS and preparing for CAT and NMAT this year.
    I wanted to know the following things:
    1)Am i eligible for NCFM? —YES
    2)What are the further job opportunities that i may expect after this exam? Only Dealer
    3)How and when do i start preparing for the same? After completion of PG
    4)From where do i get the study material? NCFM itself

    Please help me.I am confused?

  261. Piyush

    Sir, I have completed my MBA in Finance and am placed in TCS. Will the NCFM certification help me get preference during finance projects allocation in the company or in the IT industry in general?Awaiting your reply

  262. ramya

    Dear Sir,

    My self Ramya , im working in stock marketing past from 5 months n i have done graduation in BBM (Finance Specialization) . And i have take exam in Capital market (dealers) module , how much will it helps to my carrier.


  263. Geetanjali

    Hello Sir,
    I have done MBA (Fin) after B.Sc. (Non -Medical), I am not getting a job of my Choice i.e. an Operations Job as well as at a good position related to the Securities Mkt… Please suggest me the Modules and their Scope with which I could be able to get a good job as per required…
    Thanks a lot…

  264. Raji

    Hi Sir,
    I have registered for Capital market module. Now i need some model question papers to work out. I worked out paper in NSE site. But still need more.Can u guide me or suggestion to prepare.

    Thanks in advance

  265. vinod

    hello sir, i completed my mba(finance) and also i have an ncfm-a beginers module.suggest me the next module which career in share market and also how would i know the job vacancies in the market. is there any websites to apply job in that. plz reply me

    • Sekhar Saha

      Next modules are cash, derivative, currency, dp and risk. But I would suggest you to find job in research or in risk department. Register yourself with Monster and Naukri. Also start connecting people in facebook through your friends you can get the true feedback. Also get register in LinkedIn with all the education mentioned there. You can get lead from there as well.

      Sekhar πŸ™‚

  266. Aakash kushwaha

    This is “Aakash” n i want to know about NCFM exam that how it is use full for me .I had done with my grad. i.e BBA n wanna be a financial analyst n have a keen interest in stock brocking .so how it is helpfull for me plz help me out….. and is i am able to get job after giving this exam????

    • Sekhar Saha

      Please read the comments. This will help you.

      • Aakash kushwaha

        dear sir
        sorry i am not able to get clear from these comments plz help me out plz give suggestion from your side …..
        waiting for ur positive answer….


  267. amit

    Dear Sekhar,
    My name is Amit Kadam, iam 32 years old. recently iam passed in NSE’s Certified Capital Market Professionals exam. I want to do a job or career in stock market or a job in NSE. SO Please advice me what i do.

  268. sir,

    I wanted to write ncfm exam. there are 24 of them. i wanted to know as to which exam should i write to lend certificate for terminal activation. and also plz let me know as to what amount can i expect per month.

    Thank u in adv.

  269. deepika

    Deepika Salian
    Respected sir,
    I have 1 year experience in stock market in commodity as a online dealer.But i am puching order on cal of technical analysis by that time we don’nt have to give confirmation to the client about the buy or sell order.Now i am appearing of ncfm capital market dealer module.I want to know when i clear the exam after that how much salary i will get from the company where i applied for dealer job.I have experience about puching order only not giving confirmation about the calls to the respect client.Plz help me out.

    • Sekhar Saha

      Career option is related as a dealer. You clear few of the papers and try to learn the arbitrage technique. Once you do the job, there is lot more challenges in that and salary and incentive would be quite high. Also you can try the money market, more smart market than the capital or the derivative one.

  270. satyabrata barik

    satyabrata barik respected sir ,iam continueing in mfc i have an NCFM beginers module .suggest me next module which carrier in share market and i also know the job vacancies in the market. piz replay me.

  271. subramani

    pls send question bank of Derivative dealers module(NCFM)IAM going write exam on coming this week.

  272. Bipin Joshi

    Dear Sir,

    Hope will be fine.
    i am going CMDM exam on coming Monday..i have gone through the book. I am searching for model papers for practice, but could no find so.

    Only single model paper is available at NSE’s site..

    request your help

  273. Jyoti

    Hello sir…….
    I gone thorough all of above comment i just want to know i’ll be appearing for CA FINAL in Nov2013.. Mean while can i get complete this course and will it enhance my CA Degree or should i adopt any other course, what do u suggest.
    waiting for your reply eagerly…

  274. hi
    i want to write for NCFM exam. i’ve just completed MBA (Finance) could you tell which module is sufficient for me, i’m having very much interest in share marketing

  275. Rohit

    Hi, Can anyone let me know the difference between NCFM Derivative Core Module and Dealer module? I want to give exam for Derivative Core Module

  276. Samir N. Pandya

    Res. Sir,
    I want to give NCFM commodities module exam next month. I want to know about the negative marking system in it. pls. clarify me how much marks are deduct if I have given wrong answer in a question which contains 4 marks ?

  277. Kavita Nebhwani

    I have done Mcom and PGD in Insurance Management. Worked for 6 yrs for Insurance Process in claim settlement. Now wanted to appear for NCFM modules, so please give information about exam centres in Pune and the dates on which these exams take place. Age limit and opportunities.

  278. satendra chauhan

    Dear Sir.
    I am Satendra Chauhan from mathura UP. I want to clear Exam of NCFM.
    how can i prepare for that.

  279. SAMIR KAR

    Sir, I have given the Capital Market Dealers Module & accoring my calculation I should get 63 marks whereas I got 49.25 Is there any system to recheck the answere??

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