Brain Alignment and Web Usability

There is a cross connection/relationship between the Human Brain and strong part of the body.

1. Human beings are left-handed when the right part of the brain is stronger.
2. Human beings are right-handed when the left part is more stronger comparatively.

Now the question is, what is the relation with the web usability with this Brain Alignment?

When left part of the brain is strong (right-handed people), they are more tend to stick with the left side of the web page. And web usability (along with the page designing) could be of more helpful to convert the visitors into customers.

Research could be conducted mixing the eye-tracker and brain alignment to develop web pages as more powerful tools compared to the other sponsored processes. But a good, well structured online sampling survey and statistical analysis (Regression procedure would be of great help) is what needed.

Jacob Nielson and his team done incredible job in putting the eye tracker and web usability structure to define the most used part of a web page and F-shaped reading nature of a web page. Thanks to them to provide an exposure to that part of the research of WEB.

The above proposition is my brain-child (intuition in fact) and I don’t know such theory at all exists or not. But scope of research is there CERTAINLY.



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2 responses to “Brain Alignment and Web Usability

  1. anindita

    This is an amazing intuition. I am really stunned when I read it, but yes this can be a good subject for research. Being a graphics designer, I’ll surely keep this in my mind and do some r&d with it.

  2. knifedge

    You are welcome anindita 🙂
    This is only the qualitative part, and to quantify the intuition (idea rather) we need to go for a long path with lots of survey, research and quantitative analysis. Anyway, you just keep on doing R&D and let me know if there is any further findings. We believe on the Wisdom of Crowd.

    Sekhar Saha.

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