Momentum call for Intra day trading

Momentum call for intra day trading, is one of the important part of the activities of a Stock Research Team. Here in Shriram Insight also, we do the job at a specialized manner. And our success rate is quite good in this field compared to the other competing stock broking house.

Though it might seems that giving trading calls is a part of equity research, but it is generally given depending on the news, hidden news, contacts and above all by looking the momentum of a scrip. The last one seeks a lot experience on the stock market reading capacity. People who are in this field for years along with research knowledge, could be capable to provide the intra day call. But the things they generally put in mind is that:
1. The volume and Liquidity of the particular scrip
2. The technical chart (support and resistance)
3. The fundamentals
4. Over all market movement (again market support and resistance)
5. Future market movement of the scrip.

It is true in a sense that intra day stock market activities are controlled by the news and operations (Operator manipulations).


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