Participatory Business Module – WEB 2.0

At Grmtech, my previous company, we were engaged to develop the websites (generally financial websites). All websites were possessed by the company and no works done for the outside clients.
But what Development mean?
1. Development by the researched contents on Financial Topics (Insurance, Mortgage, Credit Card, Credit Score and so on).
2. Development by means of Search Engine Rankings.
3. Development in terms of online marketing.
4. Development in terms of Technicalities and Flexibilities.
5. Development through the unique ideas and implementations of that.

In addition lots of other things were there as well.

I was assigned to the Insurance Project (by the way, all the websites were US based).  Most of the websites were based on the Participatory Business Module and web world speaks it Architecture of Participation, web 2.0.

The theme is that, before you marketise the product or sell it, build your own market first (the community) online. And then it would be easier to run your product and to launch new products. In fact, the business will be a community driven one. A direct interaction to your business will make people feel that they are in the family and their comments and participation is important for the growth of the business. This concept is the driving force of the Architecture.


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