Managing people is an Art here

Stock market operation is really is an interesting part of the overall management one can learn through her life. Specially managing people is the most crucial one. Whether be it at the branch level or at the Head Office one.

At the branch, you have interact with lots of people (some of them are regular clients) on a daily basis. Their problems with the firm, with the brokerage level, with the management all you have to face and make them understand the overall process. Some of them you will find too knowledgeable interrupting every moment to you; some are old enough to handle; some are just come to you for time pass. In this way a relationship builds in the form of a family. You need to manage that one too. Because it will be a blunder to mix up the profession and the sentiment. You have to be bold according to the situation (at the time of square-off or auction).

One might find that the Old persons are too boring…asking the same thing several times, try to understand the matter in details, might ring you a lot and so on. So that issue is also to be managed.

In addition, when you work at the branch, you have to be efficient in terms of technicalities, fitness, multitasking capacities etc. You might be operating the trading terminal at the distance of say 1000 Km away from the HO, and no one is there to help you out with the problems you face. So alertness is most required there.


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