SEO = Chatting or what else?

Working as an In house SEO is quite interesting and getting lots of complements. People those who are not aware of the fact that what is SEO, SEM and online marketing, you can always get newer and newer types of complements 😉

What I am at present experiencing at this Stock Broking house. Co workers might think that I am doing nothing (or doing chatting, god knows), simply wasting the time in front of the dumb machine. To them what is related to stock is the only issue to talk about. But this a kind of business development and get the traffic to sale out the products and services.  So many times I used to make them understand that this is this, this is that, no improvement there. I left the process.

It was a new challenge to me to get visitors rather online visitors by optimising the site. And I did well so far withing 7 months as the google analytics shows. And with some stock related keywords we are at the SERPs.  Believe me I have used only two technique for the optimization purpose. Co workers call me ‘Google’ as I every time talk about the search engines.


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