Started to earn Money, honey!

After completion of my MA, I was in a high rise and so overconfident that nothing coudn’t stop me. I started to find job, a good job with handsome money (I was then boasting that oh! I am an MA in Economics and some big company would call me and offer a job…then I will move to foreign having my fieance with me). I was wrong. Struggled for 4 months to get the first break. At that time I had already applied for the Actuarial student membership. I was in a hurry to get a big break as there was a reason. You can easily understand that. Explain you later.

Got a job in a NGO. Calcutta based. It was an HIV/AIDS project, to provide care and support to the HIV infected and affected persons.  Salary was too poor to say. Anyway I got the first break at last.


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